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What to Write? Do you recall the last 500-word essay you had to write? Or perhaps the last 500- word essay you had to read? As a teacher, Paul Roberts spent a large portion of his time reading 500-word essays. Paul Roberts found these compositions were uninspired, and done in the last possible minute. Paul Roberts wrote three books to aid you in becoming better writer. ?How to Say Nothing in 500 Words? comes from Roberts? best-known book, Understanding English. ?How to Say Nothing in 500 Words? aids you by suggesting what not to say. This exert from Understanding English has 10 mistakes, and possible ways to avoid these mistakes.The first three sections deal with making your paper interesting. These three sections include: ?Nothing About Something,? ?Avoid the Obvious Content,? and ?Take the Less Usual Side.? In the First section, ?Nothing About Something,? Roberts goes through the steps a normal student would take in writing a 500-word essay on college football. You may begin shortly after they receive your assignment. Often times you may start well. But after about one paragraph, you run out of things to say. Therefore, you put it off, which causes you to run out of time. Then you find yourself writing your paper at the last possible moment, which makes it dull. Writing your paper at the last possible moment also fills it with unnecessary information, and oversized margins. After reading through these steps many people realize that this is exactly what they do. Robert tells you this paper would, more like than not, earn you a ?D.? The next two sections, ?Avoid the Obvious Content? and ?Take the Less Usual Side,? deal with making your paper more interesting. To avoid obvious content do not use the first things that come to mind. The reason for this is because whatever comes to your mind first is what comes to everyone else?s mind, making it obvious. Once you have decided what not to use, make another list of subjects or reasons. From this list pick the most unusual aspect. Roberts says not only will this be the easiest to write about, but it will also be more interesting. Roberts also advices, ?it is good manners to avoid personality.? By avoiding personality Roberts means don?t write...

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828 words - 4 pages A person may ask themselves what is a term paper and why write one? Well, a term paper is usually meant to encourage someone to learn more about a particular subject and/or test things you have already learned. They are usually assigned at the start of a class and are due at the end. It is usually a major grade or the final grade. Learning to write a good term paper will help you throughout your life. When assigned a term

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758 words - 4 pages Writing an essay can be a very time-consuming and stressful process. However, most colleges and job applications nowadays require you to write at least one in order to have a clearer, more personal image of you. Hurrying to finish essays before their deadlines is a common mistake made by many high school students—one that leads to grammatical errors and awkward wording, which can negatively influence the reader’s opinion on the author

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1705 words - 7 pages What is the hardest part of writing essays? I know that for myself to write and exciting and interesting essay I must go through a rigorous process of rituals and time alone. I forego many steps in getting my train of thought rolling smoothly. There are so many factors in weather I can actually write an excellent essay, or just write a mediocre one. I also get input from others to see there point of view, in how well my writing skills are and if

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512 words - 2 pages way and it is tested at the final exam. The 5­paragraph essay is an excellent tool to express one's thoughts in a plain and straightforward manner. Such an essay also helps to show what was learned during the course and whether the student knows how to think critically. All students taking Advanced ESL Writing Workshop are required to write a good 5­paragraph essay at the final exam. The essay usually consists of introduction, conclusion

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969 words - 4 pages PAGE PAGE 1 Davis Learning to Read and WriteWhen you were younger did you ever take a minute to think about how you started to read and write? What made you decide to pick up that pen or pencil and just jot down your feelings, your surroundings? Perhaps it was for school because you were "made" to write and read for the class or reading and writing were in your nature. However reading and writing for some people were never easy: they took

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1366 words - 5 pages ". Why are distinctive images used? What distinctive images are used? How are they used? What purpose do they play? How is the composer's vision of the world shaped by the images? Why is this successful? HOW always means techniques. NEVER EVER write an essay without talking about techniques.- Your thesis should be backed up with Evidence (TECHNIQUES!). With no evidence, there's no point in having a thesis. Remember, you are trying to prove a point

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8600 words - 34 pages when you have some thoughts on a topic, but can't envision them as an essay. Freewriting also functions as a developmental tool, nurturing isolated ideas into an essay-worthy one. People who use 2 Organization CHAPTER 1 HOW TO WRITE GREAT ESSAYS 3 this technique often surprise themselves with what comes out on paper. It is common to discover a thought or point you didn't realize you had. Specifically, freewriting means spending a predetermined

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713 words - 3 pages ;   Once you have chosen a topic or an angle to approach a topic, your next step is to outline or make a plan of action of what you plan to write about. This can be just jotting down everything that comes to your head or making a standard outline using numerals to put ideas into subsections of a bigger, main idea.      Now you are ready to sit down and put all of your ideas together in essay form in your

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