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"What To Ask The Person In The Mirror"

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I do not have aspirations to become a CEO of a company or even an administrator of a hospital; however, I do hope to be a leader in some fashion at some point in my career as a nurse. With this said, many of the ideas and points made in this article will help me to achieve this goal, whether I actually have the title of a leader or if I just am a leader to my peers without a direct title. Robert S. Kaplan spoke a lot about testing yourself and receiving, as well as giving, “timely, direct, and constructive feedback” as an authoritative figure in your organization in the article “What to Ask the Person in the Mirror.” According to Kaplan, there are seven types of questions that leaders ...view middle of the document...

The list of priorities is something that should be edited as the company and environment changes. In the hospital setting, both the vision and priorities should be known by all staff members in order to achieve the goals. If the lower ranking employees are not interested in helping the hospital to stay true to its vision, the company as a whole will fail. The vision of a company is the heart of the company.
Time management is something that is obviously important to any employee, no matter their ranking, but as you become a leader, managing your time well and efficiently becomes even more crucial. This is where delegation comes into play. Delegating tasks that can and should be done by your subordinates in order to give them a chance at a leadership role to grow into a stronger employee is a vital step in pruning your successor(s) and allowing yourself to focus on the tasks that really need your attention. Delegation happens very often in the hospital setting, and it really does allow your staff members to learn how to do new things so they can progress in the organization.
Being able to lead under pressure is one of the points in the article that really impacted me and got me thinking about how I...

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