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If you have money what device should you? Are you going to pick Apple or Samsung? Well let me tell you that both devices have there own and unique. Apple is a company that is in the United State while Samsung is a company that is in South Korea.
Both devices have similar and their different. There different is the thing that make them special and unique. Apple is the first company that make touchscreen phone. Apple has some unique that other does not have.
The advantage that Apple has to their device is that they use IOS System. There IOS system is design that if you want to update your device then is your choice. While the Android is automatically update. Another advantage that apple ...view middle of the document...

Samsung use a system called Android. Android is operating systems that are back up by Google. Which mean that the Android systems have Google play. Google play is a store that allows you to download apps. Samsung have a huge advantage on their device is that the battery is last twice as long as apple battery does. Another thing that Samsung have over apple is that they have more Unlock pattern then Apple. Apple only have 2 pattern while Samsung have 6 unlock pattern which mean that the phone is more secure then apple but the best part about Samsung is that their mobile device is bigger then apple. Another best feature that Samsung have is there camera. Their camera is almost 3 times as big as iPhone camera and that not all their camera also has more megapixel. The more megapixel the camera has the better the image quality. Samsung also have some of the unique apps. Samsung have an app that allows you to change the TV station on the device. Another special about Samsung phone is that when you need to make a call you can actually swipe on the contact name and that going to call them rather then click on their name then click call. Then Samsung have same stuff that Apple has in common.
Both Apple and Samsung do have a lot of thing similar to each other like there look both look the same except the shape and the size. They both have app and is touch screen. All their buttons have the same functions. Those functions are sleep mode, home button and volume buttons. Both devices also have voice control that allows you do most of the stuff with out touching the screen. Another thing both device have is the unlock code and Airplane mode. Airplane mode is a program that allows you to use the device however the device will not receive any signal and now both device have figure print scan. Both use data as their main use to browse the web, checking mail, watching videos, sending image, and much more. Both device is like a storage for personal use but also for business such as store file that you can get any time.
I have own both device and have been using them for a while. Both devices is just unique in their special way. I owned an...

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