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What To Do With A Canine Escape Artist

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Once Boomer successfully escapes from the yard, he's likely to continue this undesired and potentially dangerous behavior. (See References 1) Being able to explore his surroundings beyond the yard, chasing teasing squirrels or cats, and getting that often desired social interaction, is rewarding and reinforces his behavior. To avoid having to deal with an escape artist dog, reinforce your fencing before allowing your furry pal in the yard.
Chicken Wire to the Rescue

A chicken-wire extension attached to the bottom of your fence can effectively deter Boomer from digging his way out of the yard. Ensure the wire patches up any gaps at the bottom of the fence and bury it vertically, about 1 foot deep into the soil. When Boomer starts digging, he'll encounter the chicken wire, which will discourage him and make him realize there's no way out. You can also bend the bottom of chicken wire inward so it lays horizontally and will prevent Boomer from digging deeper. (See References 2, p. 226)
Blocking All Access

If Boomer can't get near the fence, he won't be able to dig underneath it to escape. Heavy rocks, decorative boulders, or gravel can offer a solution. Lay or spread these along the bottom of the fence to block Boomer's access, and to discourage him from digging. You can use this blocking method on its own, or as extra reinforcement to the chicken wire. Also, ensure there aren't any gaps in your wooden fence that Boomer can see through; board them up, because visuals might entice him to escape even more. (See References 1 and References 2, p. 226)
Invisible Effective Fencing

If you have a large yard, an invisible fence can be a viable, economical option to prevent your small pet companion from escaping. After installing an invisible fence, flags are placed along the perimeter of the off-limits area. A...

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