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What To Fix If You Can Travel In Time

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The first thing I would change, as cliché as it sounds, I would travel back and stop the assignation of President Lincoln. Lincoln had an abundant of ideas for the post slavery America that were never accomplished under Andrew Johnson. President Lincoln might have been able to re-unionize the south quicker then President Johnson and President Grant. He could have African Americans better rights and prevented segregation. However we will never know because of his untimely death. The second thing I would change was when the United States took notice of the Holocaust and began action. The United States hesitated on taking action during world war 11 because for three reasons; America was slowly beginning to pull themselves out of a crippling depression, America was still feeling the aftermath of World War 1, and Americans could not fathom the idea of a country trying to exterminate a whole race. If America had involved themselves sooner, we might have been able to save more victims then we were able to. If America took a stand we might have been hearing Anne Franks story from her and not just from her diary. Hitler's reign could have ended sooner, Japan might have not destroyed Pearl Harbor, America might have not had to drop two atomic bombs on Japan, and maybe tensions with The Soviet Union might have not increased and lead to the Cold War and the Arms Race. Tons of events could have been affected by the United States decision to enter World War ll earlier. The first thing I would make sure to keep the same would be the election of Pope Francis. Although his reign has only just begun, Pope Francis has done an abundance to try to clean and reinvent the Catholic By choosing to live in a normal room rather than the Pope palatial suite, inviting the homosexuals back into the church, trying to allow married men to become priest, and even taking "selfies" with teenagers he is trying to cleanse the stereotype of the Catholic Priest and...

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