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What Type Of Changes Should We Make To The Failing Education System?

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In today’s society the education system is steady failing and its time to reform. The big question is, what kind of changes do we make? One of the ways in which we can improve our teaching force is by is by allowing a program such, as Teach for America, to help, restructure the performance based pay reform, and better prepare teacher with the skills and intelligence needed be effective in the teaching workforce. These reforms may not be perfect but there are some validity to them.
Many states have such as, Tennessee, have adapt the method of assessing teachers by using performance with standard assessment rubrics that are currently in place as part of the teacher licensure process. This type of procedure allows administrators to observe the teachers more closely and get a sense of how they would interact in the classroom setting. The more rigorous this process is the more quality teachers it will produce. Another program that ...view middle of the document...

Creating the Teach for America program was a great idea and it still is, but it just needs a few adjustments. The program allows elite college students to help underprivileged children become educated; which seconds Smith argument that “schools with large numbers of poor and minority students are most likely to have teachers who are inexperienced, teaching in areas outside their fields, or otherwise unqualified.” At the time there was a lack in teacher, but now that is not the case anymore. Now our teaching are lacking quality. The program should make the teachers commit to five years and they should also have to go through more than six to seven weeks of intense training. I agree with Hartman that Kopp, the creator of Teach for America, “is a parody of the liberal do-gooder” and never really addresses the real issue in our education system.
Johnson bring up a good point about how teachers are evaluated. She talks about the pay reform; which would give the teachers a bonus if their students are making performing a high level. Some administrators and teachers may have a problem with this reform due to the fact that some teacher are teaching at schools where the students are already performing high. So how would that be fair to the others? This is exactly why I would recommend that the teachers be evaluated based on the scores from the prior year, not compared to other schools or states. Not all teacher end up with highly motivated students that enjoy going to school everyday. Some end up with students that are more worried about where they might sleep tonight are how will they eat, therefore, you can not expect these teachers to reach the same performance level.
The method of assessing teacher, how we utilize programs like Teach for America, and restructuring the performance-based pay reform are all significants starts to improving our education system. We must begin fixing the root of the issue; which is the quantity of highly-qualified teachers. Developing assessments that are extremely rigorous and requiring certain programs that would give them the proper experience will account for that. Moreover, giving each teacher a fair chance to receive a bonus will give them some type of incentive to stay in the teaching force.

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