What Utp Ethernet Network Cable Would You Use To Connect A Pc To A Router Using Console?

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What UTP Ethernet network cable would you use to connect a PC to a router using console?
Rollover cable is a kind of null modem cable that is the most commonly used to connect a PC to the console port as shown in figure1[1]. It likes other type of cables that their names are come from how they are wired. So, it is called rollover cable because it has one end that is rolled in a way reversed from other. Lastly, the purpose of this kind of cable is to allow making a connection between a computer terminal and other device such as router or switch in order to configure them as needed [2].

Figure1: Connection a PC to the router [3].

As shown in figure2, a UTP rollover cable has two different terminals which are [1]:
• RJ-45 connector that is connected to the router.
• DB-9 or DB-25 pin mal connector (serial port) that is connected to the PC.

Figure2: UTP rollover cable [4].
Finally, in a UTP rollover cable, the colored cable of each end of the cable is in the reverse sequence colored from the other end as shown in figure 3 [2].

Figure3: The UTP rollover collared in each of the end of cable.

What is HyperTerminal and how do you configure it to establish a console connection with a router?
HyperTerminal is a communication tool that is based on Microsoft Windows Operation System. Moreover, it is used to connect a computer to the other remote devices such as router, switch, other computer and Telnet site, through either a modem, Ethernet connection , or a null modem cable. Furthermore, a null modem is used to connect two terminals such as computers, router, switch and so on, directly using a serial cable such as rollover cable [5]. HyperTerminal communication could be used for two reasons: to configure a new router or under a very strict environment for security reason. The following steps show how to configure the HyperTerminal [6]:
Identify the serial console on the computer which is either DB-9 or DB-25 port, then connect a Rollover cable to the computer, the other end should be connected to the Console connector on the router as shown in the figure4 below.

Figure4: The connection between the computer and the router.
Start the HyperTerminal tool that is included with Microsoft Windows Operating System which usually founds on the following path:
Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Hyper Terminal
Then, the user should provide a name for the connection as shown in figure5.

Figure5: Naming the HyperTerminal connection.

In this step, the PC connecting interface should be specified as connected physically to the computer`s port which might be either COM1, COM2 or COM3.

Figure6: Specifying the connecting interface.
In this step, we have to specify the port setting regarding to the following parameters:
Bits per second: 9600
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control:...

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