What Was Life In Auschwitz Like?

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In June, 1940, the Auschwitz Concentration Camp opened; this camp would later be the home and death place of hundreds of thousands of prisoners. Jews, Poles, and Gypsies made up the large majority of prisoners in the camp. Life in Auschwitz included living in undesirable conditions, and being kept on a very strict schedule day in, day out.
Once Auschwitz was fully completed it held twenty eight, two-story blocks. Each block was made to house 700 prisoners, but when put to use, each block held around 1,200 prisoners. When the camp was first put to use, the rooms had no furniture; this meant that prisoners had to sleep on straw-stuffed mattresses. Eventually the rooms were stocked with wooden ...view middle of the document...

Lunch was a liter of soup made of potatoes, rutabaga, rye flour, and Avo food extract. Lastly, supper consisted of 300 grams of black bread with 25 grams of sausage, margarine, marmalade, or cheese. With the lack of nutrition, sanitation, space, and the constant labor, it is amazing that anyone at all could survive this camp for very long.
¬¬As for the prisoners strict schedule, their day started at 4:30 during the summer and 5:30 in winter. Each day they were woken up by a gong; they first cleaned their small living quarters and drank their coffee or tea. Next, they would line-up outside in rows of ten for roll-call. Everyone had to be present for roll-call, even the dead. Inmates would support the dead until the counting was over. If anyone was missing, they would all have to stand there until every last person was accounted for; during bad weather this could be especially painful for the inmates. But in February 1944, roll-call was cut from the schedule because it took too much time away from their labor. After roll-call, it was time to work. As they walked to their work station, the camp orchestra was forced to play cheerful music. Each day consisted of a minimum of 11 hours of work, with a one...

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