What Was Life Like In Rome During Caesar’s Time?

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What was life like in Rome during Caesar’s time? Imagine what it would be like to be related to a dictator? How would it feel if there were no equal rights as there are today? Maybe feel as if there were no point in living life at all. Family and gender roles were different in Caesar’s time than they are today.
People during Caesar’s time had different roles that they played according to their gender. According to later Roman law, the Roman father, or paterfamilias, was a powerful type in the family. He possessed almost unlimited powers within his family. One of those powers was the power of life and death over his children, meaning that at birth he could choose to raise them or kill ...view middle of the document...

Julius Caesar was the dictator of Rome from 85 BC to 44 BC. He began his rule at the age of fifteen. During Caesar’s life he was able to obtain different positions such as a quaesator in 69 BC. During Caesar’s political career he formed an alliance with two very powerful men called Crassus and Pompey. But when Crassus died the alliance between the men which they called the Triumvirate began to fall apart. Caesar then crossed the Rubicon River therefore starting a war with his old partner from the Triumvirate.
To go into deeper thought about how Julius Caesar became the dictator of Rome, there is an explanation as to how he attained this high position.
Cornelia Cinna Minor was the first wife of Julius Caesar. Cornelia was the daughter of a prominent member in the popular political status. Showing early signs that Cornelia was the right one to wed, by elevating his standing in society (dictator) because of Cornelia’s father shares. After being married to Caesar, Cornelia gave birth to Caesar’s only legitimate child who they then named Julia. However,...

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