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What Was Really Happened In The Concentration Camps

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Lessons can be learned through experiments but at what cost? Steven Pinker, a experimental psychologist, once said, “If you give people literacy, bad ideas can be attacked and experiments tried, and lessons will accumulate.” This quote by Pinker gives a great idea what could happen when people get literate and conduct experiments that they will do to learn more. The Nazi’s wanted to learn more about the human body. During the Holocaust, the experiments that they performed were the most wicked and dehumanising crimes in history.

While being in Concentration Camps, Jews had no control over anything. Some Jewish inmates were selected to do various experiments. They did not volunteer for these experiments. They were chosen. They had to participate in the experiment or they would be killed. In addition, if they were picked, most experiments resulted in death or a permanent disability and not many survived. The Jews also had no idea what they were in for as the experiments were for the Nazi doctors who wanted to learn how they could help better their army and learn about illness and injury treatment through these often gross and volger experiments. The Nazi’s condiucted over 30 different experiments. There were only 7,000 Jewish victims documented that were killed, but there were many more people that died from these experiments. One of the worst and most known experiments were the twin experiments. Of the 1,000 pairs of twins that were experimented on in these concentration camps, only about 200 survived. Forty years later, only a few twins that were experimented on could be found in the United States.

Even though most of these experiments did not end great, they did have some benefits. One of the mostl known Nazi doctors was Josef Mengele. Mengele was an educated and experienced medical researcher. In addition, he wanted to make a name for himself in the medical world. To him he would do anything to do that and it is believed that many lives were lost in the process. Mengele later got a job with the Nazi’s and started working in the Concentration Camps in May of 1943. Soon he was helping with the experiments and also doing some of his own. One of his most known experiments included fraternal and identical twins. He tried to trace the genetic origin of diseases through the twins. In addition, he likes to study their heredity. He was nice to the children he would soon experiment on. He would befriend them by giving them chocolates and candy. Mengele was kind of like a short term father figure in the children’s eyes. So then the children trusted him and called him “Uncle Mengele.” Mengele got “his” experimental Jews from the selection when the Jews first got to the Concentration Camp. He could do this because part of his job was to help in the selection of the individuals to be selected for the experiments. Whenever a pair of twins came along, most of the time Mengele got them selected for his experiments first. With that, one night Mengele took...

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