What Was The Nature And Purpose Of The Hitler Youth?

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What was the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth?

In this essay I shall be looking at what the purpose of the Hitler Youth was and as to why Hitler chose to set it up. The Hitler Youth was an organisation in which Hitler used to indoctrinate pupils into believing in the superiority of the Aryan race, to value compliance, discipline and sacrifice while having indisputable loyalty to the Fuhrer. The purpose of this was to create a Germany that would always remain faithful to Hitler so there would never be anarchy. Hitler programmed Youths to follow anti-Semitism and to imbed a faithfulness that would offer an undisputable faithfulness to the Fuhrer while fighting for him, even being taught in some cases to die for their country.
Hitler sought after a strongly built army that would be able to create his dream of a greater Germany, and never to be mortified again as they were in WW1, where the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ was used. The Treaty of Versailles had restricted Germany to only 100,000 men, which allowed no where near enough to protect their own country from invasion, let alone invade any other countries. Hitler used these Hitler Youth time to train young boys into becoming the perfect soldiers to defend their countries. For example, they would be trained, to crawl under barbed wire, run with a rifle, and march up to 50 miles with only dry rations and no proper sustainable foods. While girls were taught to become the perfect housewives, taught to make beds, cook meals, and to grow older to have many children. This again links to building up the army, as the more children produced, the more children could be trained to enter the army. The idea of young boys becoming strong was not only for the army, but also to become to sole earners and protector of their families in the future, while women were taught to become perfect housewives, as he saw them as his key to success in building a powerful nation with lots of children. Hitler wanted the army to be expanded vastly, as he had great plans for the future to expand the German empire, and for this he would need as many strong and able Germans for the army as he could get. This is where teaching women to have babies and boys to be strong came into its own, as the army would be ever-expanding when men were lost, and undefeatable, as they would be so strong.
The Hitler Youth was one organisation that was carefully planned out by Hitler to indoctrinate the Youth of Germany into fully believing in Nazi policies. Hitler believed children should grow up valuing the superiority of the Aryan race, named as the, ‘master race’ the purpose of this was so children would grow older to have children that followed in these specifications and therefore move on to create Hitler’s ideal of pure blood lines. The idea of the Aryan raced stemmed back to a time where Hitler was living on the streets, through lack of work, and noticed as days passed by,...

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