What Was The Significance Of The Tet Offensive For The Vietnam War?

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By 1968 the USA had increased its commitment to South Vietnam in the hope of preventing the spread of communism. There were 535,000 US troops in Vietnam by that time which was more than ever. They saved South Vietnamese government but over 15,000 Americans had died in the conflict. The National Liberation Front and Vietcong launched the Tet Offensive in Feb. 1968 against the South and America. Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, was chosen to launch a surprise attack. Simultaneously, attack over 35 towns and cities. Saigon, capital city of South Vietnam and most US bases, was among the target. The aim of the offensive was to put pressure on the Americans to negotiate a settlement to leave Vietnam. The communists launched a force of over 80,000 troops against the South, but after three days of heavy losses, they were driven back. In the offensive, the US embassy in Saigon had been attacked, which indicated nowhere in Vietnam was safe. It was to have demoralizing effect on American people who supported the war, also affected both sides Politically, Socially, and Militarily.Politically, it affected both the USA and Vietnam. First of all, it affected the 1968 Presidential Election. Lyndon Johnson's pledge to build a Great Society in the USA had been undermined by the loss in Vietnam. Johnson announced that he would not seek re-election after the Tet offensive; some advisers argued for withdrawal and the Defense Secretary, Robert McNamara, had resigned because of his disillusionment with the war. The Democratic Party convention in Chicago where their candidate for President would be chosen descended into chaos. Outside the convention anti-war protesters were violently attacked by armed policemen. Humphrey, the Vice-President, won the Democratic candidacy, but the chaos of the events was a good for the Republican candidate Richard Nixon, who was elected President in November. His solution to the situation was "Vietnamisation" 1969 which is a policy involved training and supplying arms to the government of South Vietnam so that US troops could be withdrawn. South Vietnam was to be supplied with superior US military technology. By the end of 1970 South Vietnam had over a million men under arms with rifles, artillery and helicopters. Vietnamisation made South Vietnam one of the most militarized nations in the world. Secondly, South Vietnam with military hardware reinforced the fact that its people were ruled by a military dictatorship. All opponents could be labeled as communists and arrested or killed. Between 1968 and 1971, the government of South Vietnam killed over 40,000 political opponents. Thus the intellectuals started to query the reasoning behind US involvement. The US government presented the war as a battle for democracy and freedom. Yet the...

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The Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War

1086 words - 4 pages American families through television reports. These reports swayed the American public’s minds by construing facts, making it look like The US was losing the battle. This was not the case. These reports hurt the reputation of US president Lynden B. Johnson and ultimately the success of the war in Vietnam. Although the Tet Offensive of 1968 was a military defeat for Northern Vietnam it became a political victory for them due to growing anti-war

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1434 words - 6 pages Vietnam War and the Tet OffensiveVietcong guerrilla fighters violated the temporary truce they had pledged to observe around the lunar new year celebrations, and surged into more than one hundred towns and cities, including Saigon. Shifting the war for the first time from its rural base into the new arena of South Vietnam's supposedly impregnable urban areas, it was a campaign of 'enormous breadth, speed, and scope.' It shook US imperialism to

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554 words - 2 pages The Tet OffensiveThe American government had been telling their people that the communists were weakening and that they were now largely in control. What they saw through their television sets of the Tet Offensive contradicted this propaganda.Fifty million watched as the ARVN killed prisoners, innocent civilians, and South Vietnam was bombed. The US government was now unable to portray the war as clean, simple, and easily won as the media in

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846 words - 3 pages 1968 the number of US troops in Vietnam escalated to 520,000.After 1968 troops de-escalated until they reached 200,000 in 1970.US tactics changed (strategic bombing)The Tet Offensive clearly kick started the process of withdrawal of US troops, as public support for the war had dropped so dramatically and Americans were eager to remove troops from Vietnam.However, there are limits to how far the Tet offensive was a significant turning point in the

The Tet Offensive: Vietnam War. This Paper Was Simply A Senior Paper Required To Graduate. You Could Choose Any Topic Realted To History, Government Or Anything Of This Nature

3443 words - 14 pages the Tet Offensive. The Americans and South Vietnamese were no longer on the same playing field.After the Tet Offensive, opposition to the war was at an all-time high. This decline was only a continuation of the trend that had already been going on for some time. Still, the Tet Offensive would forever after be known as the turning point in the Vietnam War. Americans could not stand for U.S. intervention in the Vietnam War any longer. The war was

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1119 words - 4 pages assistance in preparing them to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, because of this choice, South Vietnam was eventually overtaken and reunified with North Vietnam, creating a completely communist controlled country (Vietnamization). South Vietnam was ill prepared for the Tet Offensive, leading to the demoralizing surrender of their country. If major effects of the Tet Offensive are exemplified by South Vietnam and the United States, then key

The Tet Offensive

959 words - 4 pages seek a negotiated peace as stated here, “In late 1968, Johnson announced to the US people that he intended to seek a negotiated peace settlement in Vietnam”. On March 31, Johnson went on national television and announced that he would not be running for reelection again. Thousands of people were hurt because of the Tet Offensive, but its most important victim was the president of the United States. In conclusion, the Tet Offensive changed the US's attitude towards the Vietnam war by leading to further anti-war protests, a credibility gap in America, and for President Johnson to negotiate peace and not seek reelection.


2066 words - 9 pages of war due to the history of their work and party affiliation5. The Recruits Werner Magnus Maximillian, FreiherrVon Braun is arguably the most notable of all the German science experts brought to the United States during operation paperclip. Von Braun worked as Colonel during World War II in a forced labor camp called Mittelwerk. Mittelwerk was used prisoners from the Mittelbrau-Dora prison camp to assemble the rockets for the German SS. All


2353 words - 10 pages nothing, which then begs the question “what will North Korea do next?” Second, respond with targeted military force, which could undoubtedly start world war three. The last option was to do something meaningful that would send the desired message to North Korea as well as the rest of the world. The final outcome was the third option and consisted of formulating a plan to remove the tree. The plan had to be carefully calculated. The UNC leadership


2171 words - 9 pages remaining troops into what would be known as the Pusan Perimeter.1 Still unfazed, the North Korean army battered the lines of the Eighth Army and many casualties resulted. It was clear that although the force could remain here indefinitely with naval support many U.S. troops would be lost and no new ground would be gained. For six weeks the North Korean Army conducted attacks trying to breach the line and it was here that General Walker gave his

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2141 words - 9 pages It was the early morning on the 25th of October 1983 when one of the first joint operations was launched on a small island called Grenada. The US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines all combined in what would later become a blueprint for how we work together jointly; even though this operation did not go off as smooth as we think. What initially was planned to be an evacuation mission, expanded into a larger scale military operation designed to

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998 words - 4 pages South Vietnam. Therefore, Tet Offensive was very important for the Vietnam War.From the Public opinion, US soldiers' morale and the North Vietnamese's stand points, they had all proven how and why the Tet Offensive was so important for the Vietnam War. The ending of the Vietnam War, therefore came sooner than it would be if there was no Tet Offensive."The War in Vietnam." 8 Jan. 2006 ."WALTER CRONKITE'S "WE ARE MIRED IN STALEMATE" BROADCAST." 8 Jan. 2006 ."The War in Vietnam,1965-1968." 8 Jan. 2006 ."Caputo." CNN Cold War. 8 Jan. 2006 .Giap." CNN Cold War. 9 Jan. 2006 .

The Significance Of The Tet Offensive For The Vietnam War

590 words - 2 pages , Vietminh failed to remove the US troops out of Vietnam but, they showed their military power and it showed that nowhere in Vietnam was safe including the US embassy in Saigon.Politically, the Tet Offensive made the Vietnam War more significant in US that it became one of the key issues in US politics during the presidential election year. The US politics were basically divided into two sides, the one for withdrawing troops out of Vietnam and the

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2634 words - 11 pages Union and United States by means of fighting at the periphery of the communist bloc. Obviously, increased apprehension on both sides would become a contributing factor in the starting of the war—one that could have been avoided. Furthermore, by the Tet Offensive the United States had a heavy investment in Vietnam and continually relied on its insistence that the war was nearly over. According to officials like General Westmoreland the Vietnamese