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What Was Then Shall Not Be Now

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In the 1930’s Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens, who is known for his gift of speed, wisely stated “The only bond between human beings is their humanness” and the color of one’s skin has no influence in defining a person’s individuality. In the midst of America’s history the treating of African Americans as property engendered whites the feeling of superiority which led to economic, social, and political alienation.
Due to the apartheid occurring in the 1930’s, African Americans received poor education due to the lack of funding’s which established a feeling of immorality. When the Great Depression swooped through, the African Americans were the first to be laid off inhabiting unemployment ...view middle of the document...

Because African Americans received only the white’s leftovers, it stripped their humanness with it leaving nothing but wickedness in its place.
Jesse Owens fought through battles not only in track, but through the defining factors of his skin color which brought presumptions about who he is as a human being. As Owens talent of sprinting became known, racial remarks were reoccurring; the commentators were sure of an evil reaction after engendering the rude remarks, but “Owens rarely attacked segregation and racism head on [and] usually remained quiet and focused his energies in other directions” because he didn’t let stereotyping blind his morals of not fighting fire with fire (Encyclopedia, “Jesse Owens”). During the 1936 Berlin Olympics Adolf Hitler, Germany’s dictator, predicted that “the Teutonic lads would be the big winners, proof of the superman abilities of the white race,” and scolded Owens by not congratulating him after contradicting his assumptions by winning four gold medals for the U.S. team (HNN, “Adolf Hitler”). Because the world looked down on the colored and upon “the superiority of whites, and the Aryan race in particular, Owens helped challenge these myths of superiority” after ignoring the stereotyping and believed in his own civil rights which achieved the greatest accomplishment by turning the other cheek and doing the best he was capable of doing (Encyclopedia of Alabama, “Jesse Owens”). After Owens returned home to the United States, he was considered a hero in the black community because he proved not only athletically, but also his character was the same or better as of a white person.
The Jim Crow laws forbade any affiliation between races engendering the degradation of African Americans resulting in the Whites having and illusion that all African Americans are uncivil. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was an outcome to oppose the extension of citizenship and voting rights among former slaves and to end Republican Party control of the state government. It was a group of Confederate veterans and Democratic Party supporters who believed in that “These attacks helped the Klan maintain its self-appointed role as the community's moral...

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