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What We Give To The Earth Is What We Will Get In Return

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The ecosystem is a huge controversial topic all over the United States. Talk of the ecosystem can be heard everywhere, from news to commercials to the radio. In actuality, not many people understand how important the ecosystem is to humans. Every action has the potential to impact the ecosystem. The environment and how people treat mother earth is a strong topic for many people. The quote, “what you give out to the earth, is what you’ll get out”, makes one really consider what their impact is on the environment. This leads to the question, what is the world coming to? Many people have been trying to help the ecosystem and are trying to improve what has been already ruined. The world is ...view middle of the document...

Denver is found to have five times higher emissions than any other city in the United States, including New York City. This is because Denver’s density level is actually 1,558 residents per square kilometer which is a result of the transportation greenhouse gas emissions.
Electric automobiles can be the next big environmental and financial strategy. Money is very important to everyone, and saving money is even more important. Everyone works hard to make money, so just throwing it away really is just a disappointment, especially when it is being wasted on something as simple as gasoline. Unfortunately, gasoline is not cheap and is a necessity to most people. The average family last year spent $3000 on gasoline alone. The biggest advantage of owning an electric automobile is the money that can be saved. The Chevrolet Volt does not require gasoline to drive for a short distance. With minimal gas usage comes great savings. Hearing the words, “saving money” is enough to make anyone’s ears perk. Electric cars plug into any outlet of the proper voltage and it will charge the car. Electricity is cheaper than gasoline. To fully charge the Chevrolet Volt costs about $1.54. According to Joann Muller, writer of “A Light Bulb Goes On”, the annual utility bill for an electric car is $270. The Chevrolet Volt has the range of going 40 miles without using any gasoline. The Volt still requires some gasoline because if the battery runs out, it will automatically switch to the gas. The amount of filling up is fewer than with a gasoline vehicle.
However, everything has its negative drawbacks. Disadvantage of the Chevrolet Volt is the overall price of the battery that is used in the vehicle. The better the battery is, the more expensive it becomes. Some batteries can be as expensive as $30,000 and that expensive of a battery, it only gets a forty mile range. The car can only charge when it is off and not...

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