What We Have Lost And Gained Through The Establishement Of The Internet

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With the advancement of technology and the introduction of the internet much has been gained and also lost from its establishment. Since the mid 1990’s the internet has been bringing us together and allowing ideas to arise to the occasion and be acted on as they were meant to be discovered. With the advancement of technology it has allowed us to connect in unimaginable ways. The advancement specifically in regards to the internet has certainly made our lives easier and in a way allowed us to be lazier. While looking at the bigger picture, the internet has advanced the human population in great ways. However, as you peel back the good the internet has done you see all that it has done to ...view middle of the document...

As Clive Thompson said in his book Smarter Than You Think, “The fact that so many of us are writing —sharing our ideas, good and bad, for the world to see —has changed the way we think.” Before we might have used a journal to get our thoughts our rather than speaking them aloud, but the internet has become a dumping ground. While I am one to stand by the first amendment for the freedom of speech and everyone to have their own opinion, and the web has become a new way to get a message across even if it’s not read. We can now resource out to the web to get our raves and rants out and much more than that. When I think of the internet I don’t think of blogs or personal manifestos, but instead I see it as a search engine. I don’t see a point in putting your baggage online for everyone to see and I certainly don’t see a point to waste my time reading it either.
The last thing that comes to mind that the internet has almost forced us into is digitalizing our life. For businesses it’s become easier and more cost effective to take things digital. Why do something by hand if you can just do it online or better yet, have it stored online too? It sounds silly, but upon being...

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