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What We Really Want? —Truth Or Lie

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Workers like telling lies, because it’s what the leaders want to hear .With clients like telling lies, because it’s what the customers want to hear .Telling lies among friends, because it’s what they want to hear .Couples lie to each other, because the it’s what they wants to hear. But sometimes you do not want them to lie to you, or you do not want to know that they lied. Trust has so many purposes, the trust we want to listen, the trust we do not want to listen, the truth we cannot say, and the truth we neglect. Even though there are so many reasons you can lies, but we still have to be truth to each other.
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In fact, “the Onion" is not the only one, there are so many similar programs and magazines, such as Britain's “Private Eye", "News biscuit", Germany's "Iron Da Nike" and India's "false news" and so on.
Not only that, there is a greed book we can use for this essay, which is “Nineteen Eighty-Four.” It is a prominent political allegory and fantasy novel. This book portrays the human condition in a totalitarian society, never fade like a cautionary label, alert the world to beware of the darkness of this envisioned to become a reality. In real sense, this novel only has four characters, plus a ubiquitous Big Brother. And the “social” they live. “Big Brother is Watching You, Everyone, Every time, Everywhere. “As a normal person, I feel this sentence and deep fear and disgust. Not only that. This book also tells us “under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me.” This is really sad moment, if there is not trust between us anymore, what we can do? We can imagine when we hopeless to find someone we trust, but the person actually is the one who framed us.
Even though we want to hear some lies, but for someplace we really need know the truth, such as the government. For example, "Watergate Scandal" is unprecedented event in the history of American constitutionalism, its impact until today. It not only changed the fate of President Nixon, as well as amendments to the powers of the U.S. President's mode of relationship between the President and Congress, but also affects the U.S. national strategy toward the Cold War, and changed the pattern of the world. Meanwhile, the "Watergate" has completely changed the perception of the public and the media, politicians, with "door" word of English affixes, has since become synonymous with political scandal.
In addition, when it comes to genuine problems of language, we must talk about freedom of speech, because that is the signature of American culture, which is one of the three freedoms. Most people believe that freedom of speech protects the people telling the truth, the right to speak truth to protect you says anything as “freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two...

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