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What Will Happen When The Oil Run Out?

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Oil includes any viscous liquid that has a non-poplar chemical content at ambient temperatures. Oils are both hydrophobic and lipophilic. Any form of oil has a high hydrogen and carbon content which is normally flammable and slippery. Oils are classified as chemical compounds which may otherwise be unrelated in properties, structure and uses. Modern researchers have made exhaustive explorations within some of the major oil fields in an effort to detect the rate at which the oil products are becoming depleted. This exploration and scientific research has been driven by the high consumption and extraction of oil in the last century.
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Oil has created enormous wealth across the globe and thereby improving the living standards of the people. The use of oil has also changed the environmental conditions of the world with global warming being the major threats which arise from the carbon elements from the oil.
In the modern history, it is estimated that by the end of the year 2080, the global oil supply will experience a steep decline which might eventually lead to a serious shortage. Even though it has been estimated that petroleum supplies will not run out in the near future, the oil reserves, which are still economically viable to recover might not be in existence. In such a situation, it will take more energy to extract the petroleum products from the oil reservoirs than can be gained from the use of already refined oils. Such a scenario would imply that the gasoline prices would have to go very high because only a few developed nations would be in a position to extract the oil from their reserves. Establishing an oil field is extremely complicated and requires a list of complex logistics as well. This often goes beyond the basic requirements of drilling and includes the associated infrastructure. Such processes would have to result in extra costs, which would lead into minimized benefits from the oil. In return, this would see only a few countries being interested in the extraction processes, which would lead to an oil shortage across the globe. Such a shortage would require consumers who cannot do without oil to pay for more. Such an increase in the final oil products would translate into additional costs of production as well as prices of the services offered by different manufacturers and suppliers.
It has also been estimated that if the a serious oil shortage were experienced, the previously peaceful nations would have to become more malevolent with some dwindling as well as more expensive fuel energy sources. A lack of sufficient amount of petroleum could easily lead to destabilization of the global relations and eventually lead to a major war. This implies that the oil shortage could have a direct impact on the peace and social interactions across the globe. In addition to this, the majority of the large oil reliant suppliers such as plastic suppliers and construction materials would incur huge losses for the basic raw materials. Some of the largest petroleum reliant power generation plants would also run out of production and the transport industry would also have insufficient or no gasoline for the motor vehicles.
In the modern history, the transportation industry has been rated as one of the heaviest consumers of oil across the globe. With a significant failure in alternative technologies such as the use of electric vehicles, the transportation industry accounts for over 35% of the energy from oil products. The majority of the non-petroleum based technologies such as the use of electric vehicles have already proven to be unreliable, costly and inefficient....

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