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What Will I Be Like When I Am 75?

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The sun is setting in the western sky, and as I sit on the balcony of my condo, facing the rippling waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the disappearing sun, I glance down at my hands, where they neatly folded in my lap. In my mind’s eye, I am still quite young. My hands tell a different story though. The reality is that I have become an elder. I am still young-old, being in my early 60’s. That is the new politically correct way of talking about senior citizens in today’s society. At 75, I will be old-old. So my essay begins with that realization. Unlike my fellow classmates, I am in my early 60’s and age 75 is closer to my reality than to theirs. I would love to read their essays to see how the 30 plus years of additional life experience make a difference in the vision?
I do not believe that life itself changes. There are always highs and lows, ups and downs no matter how old someone is. What I do believe is that if the individual is an enlightened person, and understands what is really important in living their best life, they are what changes over the years. Wisdom and experience plays a very big role in coming to that understanding. So with that being said, my life at 75 is a result of a lifetime of experiences and enlightened thinking. My life at 75 is awesome and all that I hoped it would be. Is everything perfect every day and all the time? No, absolutely not. What appears to have happened is that a lifetime of learning has resulted in a different way of thinking and developing new coping skills. Because I am so aware of this lesson, I share this way of thinking through workshops I have created and facilitate in my community, and at the local college. The feedback that I receive from young and old alike is a true validation of my life.
My physical body, which was never very strong even in my earlier life, is still chugging along. I have my good days and my bad. I still stay far away from prescription medication as much as possible, and I find holistic healing and supplements to support my immune system, as I have done all of my life. In the year 2027, when I turn 75 these healing techniques will be widely recognized, and insurance will cover the expense of the treatments. I am grateful that people and physicians finally understand the mind-body connection. I seek medical attention when I need it, and when a treatment is not covered by Medicare I am able to barter services with the practitioner. Bartering was something very common in years past, and it has made a comeback as people are challenged in today’s sluggish economy. I am very grateful to the government for the services they still provide but a lot will have changed. The Affordable Care Act has worked well for our country, and more people have health insurance than ever before in history but as always, there is still much to be done to improve the system. As always, our government officials still do not see eye-to-eye and true leadership is sorely...

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