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What Would Jesus Do Essay

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What would Jesus do in regards to the social justice issue of immigration? Would he give immigrants a fair and unbiased opportunity in a new country, or would he turn his back towards these hopeful people? The Catholic Church teaches us that Jesus would support immigrants, live by the Catholic Social Justice Themes and the Christian Feminist model of Justice, and give these people a fighting chance in a new country. These ideologies represent hope, a more promising future for immigration, and a change in how we see one another.
The two Catholic Social Justice themes that relate best to the issue of immigration are the themes of global solidarity and rights and responsibilities.
Global solidarity is an important aspect of social life because it teaches us that people are an interdependent race and that we all fit together into a larger and more unified community. We are all one people, despite our many racial, economic, national, ideological, and religious differences. The Catholic Social Teaching of global solidarity tells us that we are all brothers and sisters and that we must take it upon ourselves to care for one another. We as humans are inherently social beings, so it is biologically important for us to live together in communion. We find the most success and are the most happy when we come together and exist as one, proving how important it is for immigrants to live amongst us as one nation. It is crucial that our country welcome immigrants into the U.S. with open and not hostile arms. The Catholic documents express this important relationship between immigration and fraternity:
Recommit as a church to the work that every person’s dignity is respected, the
immigrant is welcomed as a brother or sister and all humanity forms a united
family which knows how to appreciate with discernment the different cultures
which comprise it (Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity,
Statement of the U.S. Catholic Bishops:2001).
Immigrants, despite their cultural, ethnic, and global differences, are part of the human race and ought to be treated accordingly (Massaro 84–85).
The rights and responsibilities of immigrants play an important role in the topic of immigration because these factors are commonly unprotected, unpreserved, and uninsured for many immigrants in America. Whether it be the right to participate in society, the responsibility of participating in the democratic process, the right to own property, the responsibility to serve on a jury when called upon, or even the right to enter the United States, immigrants are continually denied these basic yet fundamental privileges. Being denied these basic rights makes it difficult for an immigrant to meet certain responsibilities or to live an effective life in America. Denying immigrants these rights robs these people of a fair and equal chance of survival in this country and ensures a life of disappointment. The Catholic Documents tell...

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