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What Would Most Surprise People About You?

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A dedicated athlete, I placed tenth in the 1997 Boston Marathon. Surprisingly enough, my participation was actually something of a whim. Prior to the race, I regularly ran four miles per day, but was not competitive with those who competed internationally. Yet I was intrigued by the allure of the Boston Marathon and couldn't resist the urge to participate. As I investigated different training regimes, the enormity of the challenge sank in. The regimes required an aggressive eighteen-week period and a minimum of four days a week: a high commitment. The duration of these runs also increased throughout the program, requiring a gradual increase in time, peaking at sixteen hours per week.The physical training was tough (due to an old athletic injury), but managing my time was tougher. I was the spokesperson for Loreal Cosmetics, a role that required travel to both France and London. My professional commitments were as intense as my running schedule, stretching my organizational skills to the limit. Yet I embraced the training with gusto, gradually building my strength and increasing my distances. With just four weeks to go, I could run twenty miles. To juggle my dual commitments of work and running, I became a master of efficiency, developing organizational skills I continue to practice today. Unfortunately, my left knee was also beginning to trouble me at these longer distances.On the race day, I covered my knee in pain-relieving gel and progressed to the starting point. For the first twelve miles I felt confident, but I found it...

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