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What Would The World Be Like With Human Cloning?

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Have you ever wondered how creepy it would be if there were millions of you running around the world? Not just someone who looked just like you, but acted just like you. They would have the same hair color, eye color, body shape, personality, and values. They would be the exact same person that you are. Well, don’t worry quite yet because no one has quite figured out how to do this successfully. But there are still scientists that are out there trying. You might be wondering how any of this would even be possible, it is through advanced studies which they term cloning. When asked what the correct definition of cloning is most people cannot answer it correctly. So what exactly is the definition of cloning? According to Biology- Online, the definition of cloning is the process of creating an exact copy of a biological unit from which it was derived. An example of a biological unit would be a DNA sequence, cell, or an organism. (Cloning) Cloning is one of the most controversial topics on earth and some people just don’t know what to think about it.
Cloning has been around for hundreds of years, but within the last couple decades it has started to become more and more advanced. Harvard Medical School says that cloning of plants has been going on for hundreds of years, and it is now a common practice. It even says that cloning of small animals has been going on for a while. But, scientists never thought that human cloning would be possible until the successful cloning of a mammal. In 1997, there was a major scientific breakthrough known as Dolly the sheep. After the successful cloning of Dolly, it is stated that there has also been other successful clones. Animals such as cows and mice have also been cloned. Cloning all started back in the 1880’s by a man with the name August Weismann. Ever since then there have been many other scientists that have helped along with the process of cloning. (History of Cloning)
The process of cloning is a lot more complex than some people think it is. According to live science, cloning is a process known as somatic cell nuclear transfer. A DNA cell is taken from the cell of the adult “donor” and it is inserted into an egg cell of the same species that donor cell was taken from. The egg that is being used has had its nucleus removed so that it can now read the new DNA that was put into it. To make the embryo start to multiply it is zapped with electricity until it becomes a blastocyst. This blastocyst is then implanted into a surrogate mother. Once this newborn is born it is going to be an identical copy of the donor organism. (Thompson, 2012) This process can be done more than once with one organism. This would result in more than two completely identical organisms. Another way of cloning is from Campbell Biology. It says that in order to come DNA in the laboratory, researchers first obtain a plasmid and insert DNA from a foreign DNA into it. The new plasmid is now a recombinant DNA molecule. Next, the plasmid is...

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