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What Would You Bring? Essay

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Elie Wiesel was taken from his home without so much as a single warning. His family was told to take what they needed into bags before they were shoved into cattle cars and taken to a concentration camp without any insight or elaboration as to what was happening. Many people had panicked at the time and every second they spent packing must have felt like a fight against themselves. What could you possibly take with you when you’re being stripped of your home and identity? I could never even come close to understanding what I’d do in this situation. How would I think straight when my family and neighbors were a part of a widespread panic? Would I regret my last minute decisions once I would ...view middle of the document...

Once I threw away the pouch for causing me headaches, I still kept the lamb with knowledge that I will still be able to hide things in his back if the time ever deems this act necessary. I guess Jesus saves in more ways than one.
My handheld purse and phone are essential to normality in my life. I use my phone as a bible, the apps entertain me when I’m bored, I can read and write stories whenever I feel the need, and I can do all of this without Wi-Fi! It wakes me up, keeps me in touch with friends and family, and the list goes on. As much as I hate to admit it, my phone would probably make me feel comfortable in a time of crisis seeing as the mere thought of even having it gives me a sense of security and connection. My purse, on the other hand, is almost as valuable as my oh-so-precious phone seeing as it is the perfect size to house my toiletries, rescue inhaler, and keys while still having room for my phone and a deck of cards. Both items are crucial to my survival; although, I can live without my phone, but I could physically die without my purse!
Have you ever received an object or heirloom that means so much to you and your family that you could never sell it or throw it away even if you wanted to? This scenario that I have just described explains my relationship with a merry-go-round music box I obtained from my Meme when I was about eleven years old. I have grown with this music box since I was three-years-old and it belonged to my Meme’s mother when she was a little girl. Despite its age, we firstborn women have taken care of this priceless artifact throughout the ages and it still works! Every time you crank the key clockwise, music begins to play and the horse itself will rock back and forth in a gentle swaying motion. I plan to give it to one of my children someday so that...

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