What Would You Consider The Most Important Aspects Of The System, And How Would You Apply Them To The Role Of Mosca?

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As the actor, I would apply the system to the role of Mosca in order to perform in a more convincing manner. Stanislavski's system focuses on the point that the actor should be very realistic in terms of the character he is playing in order to fulfil his role credibly, and I would do this by applying the system as appropriately as possible.I would begin my characterisation of the role by initially focusing on 'external research'. This is studying the character's moods and actions before actually playing his/her role. The reason I would do this would be to enable me to focus and develop an understanding of the role which I was about to act. I would begin with 'given circumstances'.'Given circumstances' are the "facts, events, epoch and place of action, conditions of life, the actor's and director's interpretation, the costumes - all the circumstances that are given to an actor to take into account as he creates his role" (An actor prepares). This is vital when researching a character, because the actor must be well informed of the background of his/her role in order to understand it and play it convincingly.The 'given circumstances' are the basis for an actor; as they dictate the boundaries to which that actor must comply. I.e., I might be instructed to play the role of Mosca to such a degree that the audience understands his servant-class status. I would do this by making as little eye contact as possible with my superiors, including Volpone, and walking in a very defensive manner, both suggesting my lack of confidence and recognition of my low social status. I would use this in order to develop my character and to create an awareness within myself of his circumstances.Following from the 'given circumstances' comes the use of imagination and something named by Stanislavski as 'Magic If'. This is described as considering, "IF this were real, how would I react? What would I do? ...And normally, naturally, this IF acts as a lever to lift the actor into a world of creativity"(An actor prepares). This too is vital when researching a role, as it follows on swiftly from 'given circumstances'. The reason for this is that it allows the actor to decide, and thus practice, the most appropriate way to act within a certain situation based on the facts provided, i.e. location, period, facts etc.As the actor playing Mosca, I would use imagination and 'Magic If' widely in order to create a detailed understanding between the character that I was playing and myself. The reason that I would do this would be to enable me to focus on certain aspects of his nature that are very different to mine. An example of this could be shown through Mosca's deceitfulness. As Mosca is constantly plotting new ways of lying to everyone and escaping with all of their money, I would have to stop thinking as myself, and start thinking in the dishonest manner that Mosca exercises in order to understand his motivation, and thus be able to recreate it convincingly.After externally...

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