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I walked down the streets, counting the wad of cash in my hand. It was the middle of January so it was freezing and I will admit, I was so cold. I was barley wearing anything.

“200 hundred.” I finished with a sick look on my face. Right now was one of those times when I hate myself. I gave up my body to keep my family alive. I shivered as the cold wind struck my bare skin. I pulled the flimsy little over coat tightly around me but it did no help.
I walked down the street until I reached my apartment building. I lived in a two bedroom apartment with my mom and sister. I opened the door and walked in and went straight to my room. It was 6 in the afternoon and I changed into sweats and a ...view middle of the document...

“We learning how to spell words!” She said happily. I smiled and we continued on about stuff she was doing. We finished up and I went to pay. The total was $44:68. I handed the cashier the money and she handed me thee receipt.
We went back home and sat on the floor. It was now around 9 so I would put Olivia to bed soon the sneak out. Suddenly, the door flew open and in came my mother, but she was being held back by two officers. I was used to this so it didn’t scare us as much. I pulled Olivia closer to me. They flooded through the house as one person with an FBI coat on came over to us.
“Hello, I’m Agent Fresca and I am so sorry to do this to you,” she said. “I’m a social worker who has been working with your mother, and she was recently tested for drugs, and failed.”
“What are you going to do with us then?” I asked feeling a tear fall out of my eye.
“We thought, since you came from London, We would send you back to a foster home there until you are legally 21, 18 is no longer the legal adult age to take care of a child.” She said. I felt more tears fall out of my eyes.
“What are you going to do with my mom?” I asked quietly.
“We are going to send her to rehab in California. Then if she improves over the 18 months she is there, then we’ll ship her to one closer to you two in London,” She explained. I nodded and wiped my eyes.
“When do we leave?” I asked hugging Olivia tighter.
“Tomorrow morning around 9, so pack your stuff tonight.” She informed us.
“But we have no bags,” I muttered.
“I brought some for you guys,” She said walking into the hallway then pulling in 4 bags.

She pushed the one with the owls on it to Olivia who just stared at it.
“Okay, we’ll be ready by morning.” I said.
“I’ll see you two later,” she said then left, along with all the cops, including my mom. I turned towards Olivia and bent down to her height.
“We’re moving tomorrow,” I whispered to her.
“What about school?” She asked sadly.
“You’re going to go to a new school,” I told her. She nodded and wheeled her empty suitcase off to our room. I followed with two of mine leaving the smallest out in the living room. I placed one suitcase laying down on my side of the bed and opened it, then helped Olivia do the same.
She began to put her stuff in the suitcase as did I. I put all my cleaning stuff, makeup, even my ‘work clothes’ are coming with me. Finally, everything was packed and we had one empty suitcase, so I decided to pack up all the memories we had. I placed photos, photo albums, scrapbooks, and even all the...

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