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What You Need To Know Before You Invest In Horse Racing

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Legendary thoroughbred racehorse trainer and Australian Racing Hall of Fame member, David Hayes once said, ‘Buying a horse is like buying venture capital stock. The pay-offs will be better than the incremental returns you might experience playing the stock market.’

For the past centuries, horse racing was a sport only played by the rich. It became extremely popular among the members of the royalty and the aristocracy that horse racing, or thoroughbred racing, was branded as the “Sport of Kings”.

Fast forward to today and anyone who wants to enter the world of horse racing can purchase or own a thoroughbred racehorse. Yes, you read it right! Owning a racehorse is now open to ordinary folks like us; it’s not just limited to the people who move in elevated social circles.

Horse racing: Is it worth investing on?

If you chose to invest in the horse racing industry and become part of its lifestyle, one thing that you need to remember is that horse ...view middle of the document...

The Right Way to Invest in a Racehorse

Being the sole owner of a thoroughbred racehorse is expensive. In addition to spending a fortune in choosing a superior breed of racehorse, as the owner, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on your horse’s upkeep—such as payment for horse trainers, jockeys, taxes and medications.

One good way to minimise on expenses is to join racehorse syndicates. If there’s an affordable and less risky way to buy a horse or invest in a thoroughbred, it’s through some form of shared ownership like syndicate or partnership. Joining racehorse syndicates is a smart way to experience the thrills and excitement of horse racing with minimal costs. It is more economical compared to sole ownerships because the partners share the responsibilities and the expenses equally.

Once you invest in a racehorse through partnership or syndication, you can enjoy the following:
 participate in naming the horse;
 see your name listed on the racebook;
 secure race day members’ tickets and passes into the enclosure or saddling area;
 get invitations to the trainer’s stable for inspection day and functions; and
 share in all the winnings of the horse whilst racing and after racing (retirement).

Bottom Line

Investing in a racehorse is not an easy feat, regardless of whether you're looking for a thoroughbred for sale or planning to join a racehorse syndicate. Still, if you are passionate about the sport and is willing to invest in a racehorse, then remember that the key is to do your research and check with experts on this field.

Buying a racehorse share is a great investment, especially when you do it with the leading racehorse syndication specialists like us here at BlueBlood Thoroughbreds. Our racehorses are trained by some of the best trainers in Australia, so that those who become a member of our horse syndicates have a better chance of winning at the track.

Here at BlueBlood Thoroughbreds, we can provide you with the assistance you need to successfully enter the exciting world of horse racing.

For more information on how to invest in affordable horse racing syndicate shares, contact us at or call us at (02) 9937 2000.

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