What To Do After A Storm Or During An Eruption

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Everyone has those days what your fleet of ships that are not the greatest at sailing gets totally destroyed after a huge storm due to a full moon. Everyone also has those days that they don't realize the dangers of a volcano so they sail into in because the want to explore its pine tree shape. Next time this happens to you, take some advice from those that have been in situations just like it. Cesar encountered a storm while in Britain, and Pliny the Elder die exploring the eruption at Mt. Vesuvius. Each of them reacted to Mother Nature in different ways. Where Pliny the elder is more nonchalant and wishes to reassure his men though his calamity, Caesaris Stern and tactful in his decisions.
When first confronted with a crisis, there are many ways to handle it. Some are better than others. One way is to do what Caesar did. Caesar, having known everything, suspected that the Britons would plot against him (Fore...Suspicabatur). The Commentary de bello Gallico are written by Caesar to the Roman people. Since they were written by Ceasar, he portrays himself as all knowing and hence he states that he knew that it was possibly that the Britons would plot against him. Pliny on the other hand had no idea a volcano was going to erupt, he didnt even know what a volcano was. His response to a crisis is quite different. He is incredibly nonchalant and decides that when faced with this crisis, the best idea is to take a bath and eat dinner (lotus… hilari). His calamity does help his men as much as Caesars vanity. Him going about his daily routine ensures his men that nothing is wrong and that nothing is going to happen.
Ceasar now establishes that there is a problem and decides to do something about it. He use his resourcefulness and ingenuity in order to create an action plan. He has his men take parts from...

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