What5 The World Looks Like From The Viewpoint Of Me As A Photographer?

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I saw the topic of my essay and I asked myself “What the Word Looks Like from the Viewpoint of Me as a Photographer?” my answer to this question would simply be that when you’re a photographer you view things different than what the average person would view it as. In other words I basically saying that they don’t really have that creative fill in their mind, I learned that when it comes to photography, photographers they are basically like an artist but instead of painting pictures on a canvas they take pictures that bring meaning and creativity out in a photo. When it comes to taking pictures as an photography you can and be as diverse as much is possible because it my opinion as a ...view middle of the document...

I think that it’s necessary to like at everything you possibly can because you never know what you could make a story out of.
When I am taking pictures I remember to take my time, when I look at things I also think about what is going to attract and hold that persons attention. I try to pay attention when it comes to the lighting, where it’s angled, and also the subject I’m trying to make in itself.
The only difficult thing about photo that I use to have a lot of problems remember all the different factors that go with taking an image of something. With taking pictures there is a great deal of foundations when it comes to creating an outstanding image.
When I first started photo class I never really pay attention to the details, I just took the pictures I was supposed to take and I thought I was done. In order to have a great photo you have to look at the light and think about how the light affects your photo. I move around whatever I am taking and see how or if the light changes, I also like to take photos with and without the flash because sometimes the natural look of the lighting is better, it’s always good to have to different sources of options to fall back on. As a photographer I try to shoot my photos in the morning, and afternoon, and also at night as well.
Being a photographer is very complex. There are a lot of things...

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