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Application Of Wheeler Stem School Essay

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I have always been interested in space and robotics since I was a child, and I have always dreamt of going into space, and I have built robots since the 2nd grade. It was always a good learning experience plus it was pretty fun to do. Although they weren’t made from scratch, it still took time, effort, and creativity. Also I have loved to experiment with new technology and software, whenever there is a major breakthrough; I like to test them out when I hear about them, like when there was a new IOS update, I really wanted to see the new features. It has always been like that for me ever since I actually used computers and other forms of technology. Seeing as how Wheeler specializes in technology I feel as though I could go here to fuel my technological interests.
One example is that my technology passion grew as I worked with robotics in the JFLL and FLL leagues; it even helped me with skills that will be needed later in life, such as a job interview. I learned those life skills from being in robotics for 3 years. One year in both, 2nd grade, another in 5th grade. In 2nd grade I was in a different city, called Columbus, Georgia, although I did not build or program the robots, I did however go to the regional tournament with the rest of our team. I was in the JFLL league we had a problem to solve and we had to build something in order to resolve it. In 5th grade, I was in a group with two other people and we built, programmed, and expressed the solution to the problem with a skit. That was when I started to pick up programming and saw it as a fun and a way to express my creativity. In 6th grade my little brother and I got a NXT Mindstorm kit as a Christmas present. As soon as we got it, we started building and programming different robots to different tasks. When I started middle school I realized that our school did not have a robotics team, so then in 7th...

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