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Wheelock College Website Review

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“The Impact” slide, links the visitors to a new page which focused on the hospital-based child services programs. The student who acts as a spoke person for this area described her personal academic journey. Wheelock College progressive twenty-first century curriculum emphasizes multiculturalism, practical and intellectual engagement across societies and cultures. The individual learning strategies and approach molded her to become a culturally sensitive public health advocate for children. The opportunity provided by the school and community hospitals gave her a chance to practice in real life situations. The field practice in the state or abroad, are producing health professionals who are critical thinkers, and can efficiently adapt to different environments and cultures. The impact of Wheelock education as described by the student is producing many more top rated health care professionals that are sought by hospitals not just in our nation, but all around the world. Wheelock’s intensive multicultural inclusion with its adaptive mode approach in all its curriculums, reflect as Hammond stated, Robert Glaser’s ideas as the core foundation of modern learning theory (p.77). Contrary to what our current educational system’s approach which subscribed to constricted curriculum and text-book methods, Wheelock use differentiated adaptive learning approach, and unequivocally put the child’s interest in the center of their educational goals.
“The Success” slide, connects the prospect students to a page for teacher education program. As with the previous slide, a current Wheelock student describes the role of Wheelock College in attaining her future career goals and success. She came to Wheelock as a high school senior and enrolled in a dual enrollment. Coming from a challenged economy environment, her determination combined with Wheelock devotion and the surrounding community’s support landed her a prestigious “Passion for Action” scholarship. Wheelock community actively seeks exceptional students with passion to improve the lives of young children by educating them and accept them as their own. Lucy Wheelock’s mission and philosophy clearly resonates with the college aspiring teachers who see themselves as “ intellectuals, pedagogical innovators and curriculum builders” (p.78). The unique teacher education program Wheelock College offers, is based on the principle of self confidence, pedagogical creativity and community commitment with the child’s individual developmental progress and needs at the center of it all. Wheelock encourages its students to think out of the box, and develop a logical curriculum based on the students’ background, culture and social context. It deflects the knowledge prescribed restrictively by policy makers, who misuse the information gathered by educational researchers to control or design specifications for teaching...

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