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When Can Babies Eat Strawberries? Essay

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Strawberries are perhaps the most popular berries in the world, with their bright color, beautiful shape and awesome nutritious content. Add to that their sweet, delicious taste, almost everybody loves strawberries. They can be eaten as they are or incorporated in various recipes including milkshakes, cakes or other types of desserts. They are known to be rich in vitamins and flavonoids, which are excellent for health but ironically, they are also responsible for undesirable allergic reactions. Children love strawberries but here are some things to remember when considering feeding strawberries to babies.
When Can Babies Eat Strawberries?
Strawberries can cause allergic reactions in babies and experts have varying opinions and guidelines on when these fruits may be introduced in their diet. Some recommend waiting until infants are at least one year old before they start these delightful berries. However, in the US, a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics states that these guidelines have been modified to allow children to eat strawberries from age six month onwards.
Allergic reactions to strawberries are commonly manifested as rashes and itching, especially when the fruit touches the skin around the mouth. Occasionally, however, severe reactions may occur, involving swelling in the throat. Other symptoms include hives in the body and worsening of asthma or eczema.
Skin reaction in response to the acidity of the fruit contributes to the appearance of diaper rash is some babies and is not considered an allergic reaction.

How Can I Introduce Strawberries to Babies?
1. Look for signs that your babies are ready for strawberries. Strawberries may be given to babies as a finger food, but you have to make sure they are ready to handle the task. Signs that suggest that a baby is ready to eat solid foods include:
sufficient head control
able to sit with support
exhibits chewing motions
shows noticeable weight gain
increasing appetite
being curious about what mom is eating
2. Puree strawberries. Before introducing your baby to eating whole fruits, try giving them mashed fruits mixed them with cream cheese and served as a sandwich spread. Puree strawberries and add them to oatmeal or pudding. Mash them with avocado to make a fruity treat. You can also combine the berries with other fruits, puree them in a blender, and freeze the mixture into popsicles for a tasty treat.
3. Cut into small pieces. Strawberries can cause choking in babies. It is best to either puree them or cut them into tiny pieces. Strawberries tend to be slippery and can slide into your baby's throat before they are chewed completely. As a finger food, cut strawberries into small-sized pieces and continue giving them this way until your infant reaches the age of three.
Please watch this video and get more information about how to cook strawberries for babies.
4. Wait for three days before introducing another new...

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