"When Chains Begin To Break." This Is My Second Short Story Which Also Gained Me A 'very High Achievement.' This Story Includes A Good Twist.

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"On the count of tax evasion, I find the defendant not guilty as charged."The still courtroom exploded with noise. Chairs scraped back, papers shuffled, and voices filled the room. I remained sitting, relief flooding through me. This had seemed an impossible case, but my client and I had gotten through it by reminding ourselves that hope was not dead until the final verdict.Through the commotion, I could see a beaming Darren picking his way towards me, fending off the suits all eager to offer him their congratulations."Good job on your first win, Jenny," he said, coolly extending his hand for me to shake. "Keep this up and you'll go a long way with Grady & Grady. This only proves that I made the right decision signing you on to the upcoming Sydney Herald case."I was overwhelmed to hear such praise from a man I had revered for so long. Since I had watched him deal with the infamous O'Keefe case in the news back when I was in high school, I had admired Darren Grady's ability to balance business success and integrity."You've been working non-stop on this case, haven't you? You deserve a break. Why don't you come out with the team tonight to celebrate?"I left the celebrations early, citing my early flight tomorrow as the reason, but really feeling a bit drained from spending so much time with the stuffy lawyer types who I was forced to work with, yet who were so different from my fun-loving friends.I was almost home when I realised. My ticket for tomorrow... in all the activity, I had forgotten. It was still on my desk back at the office. Groaning to myself, I turned the car around and began the long drive back to the firm in the city. Every kilometre further meant valuable minutes shaved off my sleep time. I'd be a wreck tomorrow morning.I turned the key in the lock and opened the front door, flicking the light switch in the hall. The office was still. Darkened computer monitors stared blankly at me like unseeing eyes, reflecting the ball of light from the hall. The usual hive of activity had dwindled, the only noise the hum of the air conditioner.It was actually all a bit spooky.I made my way quickly over to my desk and collected the plane ticket from my desktop. As I turned to leave, a muffled noise stopped me. I moved towards where the sound was coming from, and I heard the noise again. It was Darren's voice - but he sounded very different to the smooth, unflappable Darren who breezed about the office every day. This Darren sounded frantic, and angry."Do whatever you can... I'll pay whatever you want. Just make sure she backs down! Without her story, they've got no case. This could ruin us!"I was so intent on eavesdropping that I didn't realise how close to Darren's office I'd edged... until I stubbed my toe against the filing cabinet by his door."Ouch!" I exclaimed.Immediately, I realised where I was, and staggered, wincing, into a nearby cubicle, fearing that Darren had heard me.His door remained shut.As my heart rate slowed, I suddenly...

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2135 words - 9 pages explain this to the DA? I think for all of us to understand what actually happened that day, we'll need to go back to the beginning because after all, the beginning is the best place to start.  It really was the same as any ordinary day for the two detectives, Jarry and Mossy. They went to the same greasy spoon of a coffee shop for supper that they had for the past 11 years. Except something odd had happened when they were sitting down with their

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513 words - 2 pages school math and science are my strongest subjects. Right now I am taking Running Start Human Anatomy and Physiology for a science course. This course is taught at the high school through the New Hampshire Community Technical College (NHCTC). I find the human body to be very interesting which is allowing me to enjoy taking this course. Because this is a college course I am enrolled as a student at NHCTC and am earning 4 credits towards college. In my

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1113 words - 4 pages our break in. "The elevator shaft is secured, and so is the back window above the trucking deck," I started mumbling to myself. My brain filled with mass amounts of confusion. As I scanned my brain for information, I finally found something: the underground cave, which led to, the gift shop in the parking lot. It was a sitting target, waiting for thieves. It wasn't going to be that peaceful tonight."Hello, hello in dare!" Damion shouted in a

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321 words - 2 pages David Moser, a noted writer of self-referential stories, demonstrates in this story a satirical style describing how the writer and the writing process itself can interfere with the finished product. David Moser's argument, that writers can better serve their readers by subtracting mundane details and sticking to the fine points of the story, is overshadowed by the verbosity of his own story.One of the first things that came to my mind when I

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1548 words - 7 pages rehearsals ended, and he never said a word to me. *** My eleventh grade year I had band and lunch with Colton again. I also figured out that Keri moved to England. When Colton saw me in band he dropped his books. “Britt? Britt! It’s you!” I nodded. “Ok can we just start over?” I nodded again. “I’m Britt.” I held out my hand. “Colton.” He replied taking my hand and shaking it. “I think we’re going to be good friends.” I nodded. “Me too.” *** My name is Britt Dixon and I am 24 years old. I got married to Colton Dixon last year fall. We now have a little bundle of joy on the way. This is my story on how I met my true love, Colton Dixon.The End!

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1251 words - 6 pages Open Window By: Greeco Policarpio "My aunt will be down presently, Mr.Thompson," said a very self-possessed young lady of fifteen; "in the meantime you must try and put up with me."      Kyrie endeavored to say the correct something which should duly flatter the niece of the moment without unduly discounting the aunt that was to come. Privately he doubted more than ever whether these formal visits on a succession of total strangers would do much

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580 words - 2 pages joined in the party after saying a quick hello to Randy and gave him the present.The party still continued when I left the house. I thought the time was late enough and that I was drunk enough to let my parents get mad at me.The night outside was pitch-black dark when I walked onto the front steps of my house. The smell of the new-painted doors made me want to vomit even more after drinking so much beer at the party. I walked into the house

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1150 words - 5 pages Using Love to Justify Sex in A Very Short Story   At first glance unusually normal, at second glance unusually striking, the title "A Very Short Story" reveals Hemingway's perception of a perhaps unforgotten war experience. Man went to war. He met woman. They spent many nights together. They considered marriage. He went home without her. She moved on. He moved on. The end. The story, the relation of events, is indeed short. This is not

This is a short story called, "The Deed". The assignment required the use of flashbacks and dialogues in a way that give a little twist at the end. The story revolves around boxing and retaliation

1806 words - 7 pages the house, mine had to be the one on the second story. Fortunately I didn't cut the grass for three weeks so my landing was soft and comfortable.I hopped on my bike and raced over to the gym as fast as my little bike could take me. When I arrived, the gym was filled to the brim with anxious onlookers and press. I saw my dad getting warmed up in the ring, doing his little hop and jabbing the air with a clean left-right combo. After five minutes

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737 words - 3 pages Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut"The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal," the story begins. "They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal in every which way." In this haunting story, Vonnegut probably wanted to warn our society of similar kind of equality, equality that can be fatal for human race. In this work the theme is only a minor feature and is not really developed. The idea probably intrigued Kurt

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659 words - 3 pages RacismI am tired of racism. It is rampant in all forms of society. Even here, in Canada, where racial bias supposedly does not exist. It is mostly hidden, existing almost exclusively in the minds of a few ignorant. Recently, however, I was victimized so blatantly that I had no choice to become enraged.Racism is nothing new to me. In the span of my entire life, I have been subjected to various forms of this discrimination. An Indian child

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