When Did Hitler Lose The Chance To Win The War?

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When did Adolf Hitler lose the chance to win world war 2 ?What was the moment in time that before it he could still possibly win the war, and after it his defeat was a matter of time ? (and long continued fighting that still cost so many lives).When was it? How early or late was it ?How about starting from a relatively late date, when we're sure that Hitler's defeat was just a matter of time, and from it go back in time to a date that marks the change, that marks when Adolf Hitler lost the chance of winning the war he started. Let's see...In the summer of 1944, with unstoppable massive forces of the western allies pushing from west and unstoppable massive soviet forces pushing from east, with devastating massive air bombardment, both tactical and strategic, that the already exhausted Luftwaffe could not stop, and with his submarines now being the hunted instead of hunters, it's obvious that Hitler had already lost the war. So it's a good starting point. Now let's step back in time.In mid-1944, before D-Day, Russia was already unstoppable, even without an invasion of France. The part of the western allies was of course very significant. The threat of an invasion that kept a significant part of the German forces in the west, the air war that increasingly eroded Germany's ability to support its war effort, and the continuing massive material support of the western allies to Russia, were all very important contributing factors. But I think we can agree that by mid-1944 Germany was already losing the war, because although it kept fighting fiercely, it could not stop Russia's massive continued advance all over eastern europe, en route to Berlin.If we look back in time, we can safely say that with the loss of its last major attempt, in Kursk in mid 1943, Germany was no longer able to defeat Russia.But actually, if we look deeper into the details of the situation, we can say that although Kursk was the last major German attempt, and German army broke its back trying, it already had no hope even earlier. If we look in the details of the Kursk campaign and in those of the battle of Stalingrad, then we can go back to the Stalingrad campaign in late 1942 and say that when the soviets started their huge counter attack that encircled the massive German forces in and around stalingrad, Germany lost the strategic initiative and its ability to stop Russia.But even if Germany had swiftly taken or bypassed Stalingrad in the summer of 1942 and kept pushing further east and south in the endless prairies of south Russia to the Caspian Sea. Would that change the final outcome ? No, it could only delay it, as the outcome of the war was decided even earlier.In his outstanding book Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties, Paul Johnson clearly marks the exact point in time when the outcome of the war was decided. His analysis is shared by other authors, and was also shared by Winston Churchill himself at the time of events when they happened. Remaining...

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