When Does This Freedom Bell Ring?

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According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of slavery is the "condition in which one human being is owned by another."It is a word that brings chills upon spines of those who have endured this horrible act. Slavery was an unconstitutional act that occured in America in the year 1619 and was endured for 246 years. It was a big issue in the American society because it brought racial injustice with in the American population. Even after when the 13th amendment signed, there was still this attitude/view of a slave engraved into the American mind. 148 years later, the 21st century has arrived. People in the first world countries aka western countries may assume that by now slavery no longer cease to exist . No country leader would allow this harsh act because not only does it affect the way a country is seen, but it also shows how that leader of the country shows no care for its people. In technical terms, slavery doesn't exist but in reality it does in the form of lower-class jobs found in third world countries. Some of these job examples include young women and men working in sweatshops, trying to produce clothing items or materials for everyday name brands such as Nike or Walmart, and even working as a maid can bring upon torchure to innocent workers.Slavery is no longer known as slavery as a word rather it is redefined and put undercover into the form of a third world labor job.
Toni Morrison's Beloved depicts of how the slaves had injured ill-treatment from their masters. In a way her writing is so strong and descriptive to the point where you can actually imagine all the sequence of events as readers read through it. In the first chapter of the book, Sethe and Paul D meet after many years. Their last acquaintance was at Sweet Home. On the sweet home plantation the slaves weren't ill treated until the schoolteacher and his two nephew arrived on the plantation when Mr. Garner had passed away. Mrs. Garner had invited the school teacher to her home. They didn't believe in treating slaves as an equal rather they wanted to have a sense of superiority over the slaves. He had started to torture the slaves by whipping them, humiliating, and dehumanizing them. Dehumanizing slaves was common because a master wanted to insure that slave knew where he stood and low of a status he has. Due to this method of controlling, the slaves on the plantation such as Sethe, Halle, and Paul D. where psychologically traumatized. These traumatized events that were presented in the book actually did happen to slaves. He thought that the slaves rested too much and did little work. In a conversational scene between the two, Sethe's scars were shown to Paul D. The bruises, the hurt, and the pain Sethe had gone through were revealed within the injuries. She goes on about talking about the pain that she had to go through during the last days at Sweet Home. The event that really got to Sethe would be the fact that when the two nephews of the school teacher...

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