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When Exercise Becomes An Addiction Essay

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Katie works out harder than most people she knows, and does not feel ready to face the day. Unless, she knows she will get her workout in, rain or shine. She will turn down social engagements to make sure she gets her workout in. People may struggle to keep up with a regular fitness program for good health and a balanced lifestyle. On the flip side, these good intentions can become an addiction. An exercise addict needs exercise. Emotionally, the person is consumed with thoughts of exercise, always feeling he or she isn’t doing enough. Exercise becomes the number one priority. With exercise always on the brain, exercise addicts constantly calculate when they are going to the gym, how ...view middle of the document...

Bill says, “Once I seen my body change, I would never want to go back to the old me!” Bill typically lifts weights for two to three hours a day, seven days a week. He never misses a day at the gym. If he misses a day he can’t concentrate on anything, because all he can think about is his muscles shrinking from not lifting.
People also become addicted to exercise because of health reasons. Being overweight, fat or obese can cause a person to develop health problems including early death. Exercise can lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, and cardiovascular system. Also many studies had been done to prove exercise can increase life expectancy.
Exercise can improve a person’s mood. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave a person happier and more relaxed. One of the most common mental benefits of exercise is stress relief. Exercise can increase concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress. But people who have an exercise addiction have feelings of anxiety or irritability when not exercising. This is a common symptom of withdrawal, and it indicates that people have a chemical dependence on the changes exercise can bring about in their brain.
Lynn a coworker of mine, recently lost thirty pounds. She is five foot four and one hundred and nine pounds. She obsesses over muscle sculpturing leg workouts. In which she does three times a day, to get thinner and toned thighs. She becomes paranoid if she misses a workout. She says by missing a work out, she will have to work twice as hard the next day. It also means cutting more calories out of her diet, if she’s not able to burn them off for that day. Her goals are a flat stomach, and creating the “thigh gap.” One of the latest trends seen on models during fall’s 2013 fashion week. The “thigh gap” is when there is a hollow cavity which appears between the tops of you legs when standing with two feet together. Some researchers suggest the “thigh gap,” is an unhealthy trend, because to achieve it a person is usually at an unhealthy...

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