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When Harry Met Sally

The film I chose to view for this Romantic Comedy paper was When Harry met Sally. I enjoyed this movie. The two main characters were Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally Allbright (Meg Ryan). When first introduced to these characters, Sally is driving to New York, and Harry, who is the boyfriend of Sally's friend, is catching a ride with her.

Sally is a very structured person. To quote Harry, she is a "high maintenance" women. Harry, on the other hand, has a more laid back attitude. This causes some tension between them on the long drive to New York. This fits well into the romantic comedy genre. In a romantic comedy there is usually tension between the two charcters in the beginning. Part of this pattern is for them to soften toward one another and by the end they fall in love.

On the way to New York, Harry tells Sally some things about men she doesn't know and is reluctant to believe. One thing he tells her is "men and women can't be friends because sex gets in the way." This only increases the tension between them. By the time they reach New York, Sally doesn't appear too happy with him. She seems angry with him, but anger is sometimes used to cover other feeling. This is also a classic feeling in the genre.

A gap of several years passes before they see each other again. They see each other at the airport, but they both pretend not to know the other.

The next time they meet is a couple of years after they saw each other at the airport. This time they become friends, despite Harrry's comment about men and women not being able to be friends.You would think Harry contradicted himself, but his statement is still pretty much true. They were friends, but...

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