When Housewives Go Broke Essay

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It was Saturday morning in the suburbs of Madora. Well every day was like a Saturday to all the women that live in this area. The sun was glazing giving off a lot of heat just like most days in sunny California, apart from one house. The sky was giving off the same amount of sunshine and heat but not in the sense of real sunshine. This house belonged to a family that carried a lot of pain behind them. The dad, Garry was never in the picture. Garry was the boss at a bank that only people with great sums of money dealt at. Picture the scene: Garry comes home to his huge house in the suburbs every night to his wife that’s dressed in track pants spewing up her guts because she’s pregnant with twins. It had been this way for almost six months, only two more months to go until the twins where born. His secretary at work was a whole different story. She never wore track pants, never had a huge bulging stomach and she wasn’t an emotional wreck either. As you can probably imagine, he slept with her, left his wife and the two unborn kids, gave a huge sum of money to his wife to sign the divorce papers without a fuss and gave her the house. That was the end of him, never seen again.

The wife, well ex wife, Celia always looked after herself. Well presented in her looks and everything she did. Celia was part of the board of Madora, went to lunch with the girls and always gave her husband what he wanted. This changed when she became pregnant. To what her husband was used to, she was now the opposite. Instead of being well presented she had bad morning sickness, afternoon sickness, night sickness and just always sick. Instead of wearing expensive clothes and going out and cleaning the house and so on just like any housewife in the suburbs would do, she was sitting at home in her track pants watching TV series after TV series eating ice cream and dreading when the ice-cream would come up again. This was the daily routine for Celia when she was pregnant with twins up until of course, the day her husband wanted to run off with some twenty-three year old girl.

It’s now fourteen years later. The two unborn babies are now fourteen years old and boys. Alexander, the oldest son has brown hair and great facial structure that he got from his father’s side alongside a great athletic figure. He does track at school and football and all the other sports imaginable. The other son, Drew is a completely different story. He had brown hair the same as his brother but that was probably the only similarity. Drew is very skinny, not built up at all. He never did track or is planning on doing track; he is in the chess club. He was a very high achiever and goes to all the academic events.

Celia and the boys live in the same house, same suburb and Celia has the same friends but she’s not a housewife any more, she can please herself...

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