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When It’s Time For A Remedial Massage

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To most people, getting a massage means getting treatment to make you feel relaxed. Many people go to massage clinics and spas with the hope of feeling revitalised after a stressful day or week at work or to invigorate their body to feel soothed and achieve a tranquil state of mind. While there are several types of massages that can give you all these, there are also those that do more. A remedial massage gives a longer-term benefit than just giving a refreshed feeling after a session. It is combination of different techniques including light and deep tissue massage that can heal various conditions of the body that may be due to an injury or due to other disorders. After one or more sessions, the body will be restored to function as it should even improving the body’s functions and performance. So when do you know if your body needs just a regular massage or a remedial massage?
These several conditions can be effectively treated by remedial massage. When you experience any of these, it’s a sign telling you it’s time to set up an appointment with an expert remedial massage therapist.
1. Repetitive Motion Disorder
When you’re into a certain sport and you’re regularly training for it, there’s a high change that there’s one part of your body you overuse and you get a repetitive motion disorder as a result. A tennis player for example usually get what they call as tennis elbow. Even if you’re not an athlete, any type of prolonged and repetitive activity or even posture can also give you similar types of injuries. A chef for example who chops ingredients whole day or an employee who sits all day at the office typing away on their computer can get repetitive motion disorders. Remedial massage can treat these.
2. Back Pain
Because of a strain, due to your posture, or as a result of an injury, you may experience back pain. This can be extremely uncomfortable and can disrupt you from going about your day. If this always happens and is getting chronic, getting a remedial massage would be your best option. A remedial massage can help ease...

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