When Machines Surpass Humans Essay

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Life is affected by technology on a daily basis. Thus, technology has developed in many ways in these modern times, and as did the mechanisms that apply to robots with artificial intelligence. Robots that have artificial intelligence do not exist yet but researchers all around the world are trying to develop this type of technology. Robot manufacturing has increased nowadays, with numerous companies making their own version of robots. However robots may reduce job opportunities for humans if they outsmart them, and the issue with the robots is how it will affect our future as to how will scientists plan to go with such technology. This essay will discuss a number of disadvantages that arise ...view middle of the document...

The idea of creating a machine that is able to out-smart humans should be banned to ensure that employment opportunities are available for humans and to help fight the increasing level of unemployment in the world [3].

Greater use of machines will make the employees to lose their artistic abilities. This is because the majority of the tasks completed by machines leave little for human beings. This leads to greater dependence of machines in production and in working environment. The few employees that are retained after introduction of machine can only depend on the devices. Therefore, in case of breakdown of machines in factories or at organizations may mean total stoppage of operations in the working environment. Also, That means this could affect the production proportion of companies and factories until they correct the problem that has occurred with the machines or they have to replace robots with new ones. Machines that outsmart humans also might cause unfair competition among those who are seeking jobs, as humans will struggle to compete with such mechanisms. This is because human labor can only be required on limited number of jobs, which machines will not be able to perform. As a result, many people will compete for the few jobs that are available for them. Because of machine efficiency, they make the competence of human labor to fade away and reduce its uselessness [2].

Usage of machines that can outsmart humans, results to decrease the costs of doing the business. This is because machines help to cut down large proportion of labor. Labor is one of the expensive factors of production and decreasing in its necessity leads to a significant reduction in the total cost of it. Reduced cost of doing the business may be reflected in reduced prices and this could be of benefit to the users of goods or services that are being produced. Machines that outsmart humans help to achieve greater efficiency in production through achieving greater speed and uniformity of work [3].

Robots with artificial intelligence can do several different tasks at the same time; they can lead us to develop fast in this era. In addition, robots can decrease the injuries that can...

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