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When Not To Cook And What You Need To Do Before Cooking. The Most Important Thing To Remember

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Hand WashingHealth conditions and illnesses can have an impact on the handling of food. Hand washing is extremely important when preparing food as it is the most common source of food contamination. You must wash your hands properly. Use warm water, soap, working up a latter by rubbing in a circular motion for at least a minute, making sure you clean between the fingers, up the arm and brushing under your fingernails. Rinse under warm water. Dry hands with disposable towel or hot air. Use clean paper to turn off tap otherwise you will contaminate your hands again. Please remember to clean hands after going to the toilet, after touching your body parts including blowing your nose, handling raw meats like chicken, meat and fish. Clean your hands before and after work, taking a break, handling rubbish, using chemicals and cleaning.IllnessYou must not prepare food for others if illnesses can be transferred through the food. Some of these illnesses are diarrhoea, hepatitis A, vomiting, fevers, skin infections, eye or ear discharge and jaundice. Food-borne infections such as typhoid and dysentery must be reported to the employer. Even similar symptoms. You may need medical attention or require a doctor's clearance before commencing work again with food.Cuts and Broken SkinTo prevent spreading of bacteria to food, all cuts, scratches and spots must be covered with a brightly coloured bandaid. This will also protect the injury. All septic cuts or weeping spots or boils must be reported to employer before starting work. The wearing of gloves will...

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