When People Who Can't Cope With Mental Health Their Academic Performance Goes Down, Therefore Their Marks Suffer

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In a numerous author article called “The Effect of the School Environment on the Emotional Health of Adolescents: A Systematic Review” found in the American Academy of Pediatrics which publicized on December 22nd, 2011 is also related to our hypothesis. The research that was done in this article was to objectify how important a school environment is for the mental health of adolescence, as they claim it has never been efficiently assessed. They also aimed to “synthesize the evidence for the effect on adolescent emotional health of (1) interventions targeting the school environment and (2) the school environment in cohort studies.” The methods that were used were through databases of Medline, Embase, PyschINFO, CINAHL, ERIC, the Social Citation Index, and gray literature. The group used “criteria for inclusion [they] were (1) cohort or controlled trial designs, (2) partici-pants aged 11 to 18 years, (3) emotional health outcomes, and (4) school environment exposure or intervention.” There was also studies that the researchers found relevant were found and proceeded to have data copied by two other independent reviewers. The limitation of this study was researchers researching on databases and not picking out their own subjects to study on. For a future study researchers could pick out their own subjects to study and not rely on information on databases.
In another numerous author article called “Mental Health matters in Elementary School: First-Grade Screening Predicts Fourth Grade Achievement Test Scores” found in the European Child Adolescent Psychiatry published in May 4th 2011 and published on the web June 7th, 2011 is also related to our hypothesis. The objective of this study was to study if mental health issues that had been identified through screenings of those in the first grade could be related to poor test scores of those in the fourth grade. The methods the researchers used to gain this knowledge was to screen if mental health issues could be predicted by test scores. The researchers gained a little over seventeen thousand students to participate, this matched with the data of a little over eleven thousand fourth graders. The limitations of this study is that some of the wording in it is very hard to read or make sense of, if this research was done again, it would be much easier to actually read the information without complicated shortened words.
Michael T. Hartley’s article “Examining the Relationships between Resilience, Mental Health, and Academic Persistence in Undergraduate College Students” found in the Journal of American College Health distributed on August 1st, 2011 is related to our hypothesis. The research done is too demonstrate the correlation between not coping with mental health, and few other things. Thus, students suffer academically because of it. The methods that Dr. Hartley used are called “hierarchal or sequential regression analysis.” These methods that were used to record if their was any correlation...

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