When Pigs Can Fly, I'll Be A King English Essay

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When Pigs Can Fly,
I’ll Be A King
A king isn’t a king, unless he rules over a kingdom. A king isn’t a king, unless he makes all government decisions. A king isn’t a king, unless he acts as a symbol to inspire loyalty among his subjects. Am I a king? No.
But not too long ago, I traveled to England. I toured churches, clock towers, museums, and prehistoric monuments, but I had yet to tour a castle; I went to tour a castle. I toured the citadel the following day, hoping to learn more about the monarch system. Eventually I, during the tour, got the chance to sit down on the throne. Comfortable. Luxurious. It was a really nice piece of furniture. I let the royal crown sit on the crest of my head and the royal scepter lie gently on my shoulder. I wondered if this was how it felt to be king? I wondered if I would make a good king?
I would like to think I would make a good king, so that I could have land. Lots of land. I would be a king who rules over a kingdom. But would I be suitable to handle such a task? I would be a king who cannot fulfill the basic needs of his subjects. No food. No water. No shelter. A king who cannot keep his influence over his entire empire, leading to wars and to death. I would be a king who is lackadaisical. Allowing crime to rampage and my kingdom to go into disarray. I would be a king who would never once takes fault for his own actions, placing the blame on someone else whenever something disastrous happens in my kingdom. I would be a king who can’t solve his own nation's problems, guiding my kingdom into a spiral of anguish, on the verge of despair. Perhaps I wasn’t meant to be king, at least for my lack of property management skills.
Maybe I could be a king and make decisions. All the decisions. Yet, would I make sound decisions? I would be a king who’d take the easy way out, rather than confronting the problems my nation possesses. I would be a king who would make rash decisions, leading to broken treaties and kidnapped princesses. A king who thinks with his heart, rather than his head. Leaving the scent of death wherever I would go. I would be a king who is slow to adapt, unable to adjust to different circumstances as I would like to. A king who is...

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