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When Selecting A Cam Corder Essay

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When selecting a camcorder for purchase it is advisable to get your information from more than one source. Choosing the internet as an option is okay but then you have to understand the information being presented to you. I need the direct approach, although the internet has given me some insight into what I should ask the sales rep.I was assisted at Camera House Noosaville.I asked him to show me a robust video camera that would be suitable in a school situation, for a range of age groups and abilities.The sales rep stated that Sony put out the best product. Basically they took all the technology that made other cameras ...view middle of the document...

I was impressed!! I asked about protection for if the camera was dropped. He stated that there are no cameras on the market immune to being dropped but we were able to come up with a strategy to overcome this problem. All cameras have a Hand Strap and in order to use the camera, every person must use the hand strap.I had read on the internet info about the Carl Zeiss lens, this meant nothing to me but he was able to tell me it was the ultimate, the world's best in lenses.The camera has still imaging available which he states is not as good as digital cameras to print because it consists of only 1 megabyte, but it is of a perfectly acceptable quality for use on computers. These models have super night imaging which allows the camera to be used in the dark.The video footage can be down loaded onto the computer and then burnt to a C.D. it can then be played on 99% of D.V.D. players in use today.To operate, the on/off button requires depressing so it is unable to be accidentally switched on or off by bumping the switch.The HC15 AND HC20 package comes with software, battery and cable which allows the camera to be plugged straight into the T.V.The prices are $799 and $999 respectively.Extras to the package are films: ($9.95) carry bag: ($15.00 / $25.00) Tripod: (starts at $50.00)

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