When Students Grade Teachers Essay

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When Students Grade Teachers
When it comes to evaluations in education, usually the teacher evaluates the student. Although in certain college level courses, the weight is shifted to the students, allowing them to have the power to evaluate their own professors, possibly affecting their careers. It seems odd enough that a student should grade their teacher, but even stranger is that technically students have the ability to control their teachers’ positions, only by filling out a single form. Of course the forms may have excellent remarks from the students, but usually when students are given the chance to anonymously share their opinion, this does not always occur. In these situations, the teachers are put on the spot, being evaluated by their very own students, leading to various negatives which exemplify that student evaluations of teachers should not be a major consideration in the rehiring or promotion of a teacher.
Many may disagree in my opinion due to the fact that there is a large percentage of students who like their teachers and grades received, all being fair reasons to be opposed. Certain students may favor a professor and the class that they teach, causing them to positively evaluate them, which allows for the possibility of the professor be promoted. This clearly explains why these students see student evaluations of teachers as a good thing. Even with this being said, I find myself disagreeing in that student evaluations of teachers will only lead to negative events such as specific teachers
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who are undeserving of a promotion receiving one, as well as numerous judgments being made from one piece of paper.
Oftentimes students find themselves disliking their teacher or professor because of their grades, causing them to evaluate their teacher in a demeaning manner. In order to prevent students from depicting their educators as the antagonists, it is important to only use the student-teacher evaluations for purposes irrelevant to promoting. Dr. Charles Ross, Dean of the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences says, “If somebody gets a low score on that, then you can actually talk to them about how to make their presentation clearer and more organized." (). For instance, if the headmaster of a school notices that a certain professor is receiving negative remarks, this should be a clue for him or her to inspect the classroom, other than jumping to conclusions. According to Justin Pope’s article titled “Tables turn on college profs when students grade teachers”, studies have shown that professors who give good grades get better reviews. (). Students often dislike teachers because they do not have the grade they desire, although this has nothing to do with the...

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