‘When The Battles Lost And Won’

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Throughout the play Shakespeare presents the concept of good and evil through many various forms. He presents Macbeth in a positive way by using the technique of describing through the characters of King Duncan and the Captain. He uses a number of techniques, one of them being personification; he personifies Macbeth as ‘valor’ whilst the others are told to be his minions. It is also said that he was holding his ‘brandish’d steel’ which implies that he was a strong and muscular soldier. Many people in those days were unable to hold a steel sword even with two hands. After this it says ‘which smok’d with bloody execution’, the word smok’d suggest that he was fighting boldly with fast actions killing off many of the Norwegian enemies. It also shows him as being courageous as he sliced people from head to toe. Next, in the text it says that the Norwegians brought fresh new army and ‘cannons over charg’d with double cracks’ but Macbeth still fought back. This shows that he never gave up, and fought as a bold, courageous soldier no matter what happened with all his energy. This shows that he had fortitude in his own mind and wanted to prove to everyone that he was the best soldier among all. Then, King Duncan describes him as being a ‘worthy gentlemen’, this hints that he was proud of Macbeth and knew he was one of the best. Overall, it shows him in a very positive light and a lot of figurative language is used to bring out his characteristics and personality. The scene is set against a backdrop of battle to perhaps describe Macbeth, as he’s a soldier and to show how much courage and loyalty he has to the King and his country.

Shakespeare also uses the technique of illusions and personification to present Macbeth; this has an effect on the audience as they instantly think of him being like this. In the play Macbeth is said to be similar to 'as sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion’. One may notice that all these animals are very fast, clever and skilled animals, also most of them are predators that are very good at catching prey. Most of these animals are the top animals in the group of animals they are in. For example an eagle is one of the most popular birds because it is big and powerful, then the lion is also a popular big cat and it is known as 'the king of the jungle'. As the audiences will link these sorts of things with the animals they will think of Macbeth as being like these.

All these hints come to one conclusion that Macbeth is shown in the typical stereotype of a perfect male. This will have a positive effect on the audiences as the girls will start to fall in love with this character and his personality. Also, the boys will start to look up to him because they will aspire to be like him and Macbeth may become a role model in their minds. This will happen because of the interest in Macbeth that the girls will have in their eyes which the boys will want for themselves. However will the girls love him later in the story? Will the...

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