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When The Internet Attacks! : Cyber Bullying And Blogging

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Participation in internet attacks is a disturbing way in which individuals seek attention at the cost of another person’s self worth. Bullying to make others feel small, snark to increase their own self importance, and distortions of the truth to make things more “interesting”: these are issues that effect many lives in different ways. The internet has become a large part of most daily lives in the United States. According to the United States census 74.8 % of households now have access to internet; compared to 17 years ago when only 18.2% of households had access. The number of houses, with a device which has access to the internet, is 78.9%(U.S. Census Bureau, 2014). With this number of ...view middle of the document...

1). Many that engage in attacking behaviors are more aggressive in microblogging and blogging tactics, since many don’t ever have to confront the individual about the behaviors they exhibit online. Typically because many of these individuals will not express the same behaviors offline.
Victims of cyber bullying often exhibit psychosocial behaviors of: depression, anxiety, severe isolation, and in some cases suicide(O’Keeffe & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). Victims will still feel the residual results of online attacks offline. The person causing the issues may not be relentless offline. However, others that saw the online attack will bring up issues again and again, leaving the individual with no escape from these attacks.
When it comes to larger, more professional level blogs it isn’t defined as bullying, but rather as “snark.” Ryan Holiday explains snark as: “you know you are dealing with snark when you try to respond to a comment and realize there is nothing you can say.”(Holiday, 2012, p. 197) The definition of bullying that was given earlier had the same sort of definition, a long standing violence in which an individual is unable to defend themselves. Many bloggers take bullying roles in order to gain more engagement with their viewers, at the cost of another’s self esteem. This isn’t different from the bullying on Facebook. Bloggers just want to look interesting, at the cost of another.
What a blogger is really doing is eliciting a degradation ceremony A degradation ceremony is a communicative work directed towards transforming an individual’s total identity to an identity , that is lower in the relevant groups scheme of social types("deg," ). The purpose of these ceremonies is to single out and denounce one of its members. To lower their current status, or take them out completely. Collectively taking out anger, and effectively stripping an individual of their dignity (Holiday, 2013). By having a collective of individuals join in a digital lynching of popular people, they do so in hopes of gaining more views and fame themselves. This is an obvious sign of insecurity that the blogger displays, who is clearly not thinking of the detrimental effects of their actions upon another.
There are numerous examples of bloggers stoking internet fires to gain attention and views, one of these examples is from Sean Parker. Parker was a co-founder of Napster, founding president at Facebook, and currently a general partner at Founders Fund, and a director for Spotify. This man is an example of a good target. He and his wife had gotten married and had a enchanted forest type of wedding. They took all the appropriate actions in finding a wedding site to hold the ceremony, and even enlisted the aid of “Save the Red Woods League”. They suggested an area that still contained some red woods, yet had been developed enough by a local hotel. With the hotels development they would not be destroying any important part of the eco-system. The couple had...

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