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When The Wollaton Hall Was Built

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When the Wollaton Hall Was Built

Wollaton hall was and still is a well-known famous Nottingham
building. Wollaton hall was built during the period 1580 - 1588. A
designer, Robert Smythson, designed it on the commission of Sir
Francis Willoughby. Much of the original building still remains,
showing the style of architecture around the time of the Spanish
armada. The hall had cost a total of £8,000, which was a considerable
sum of money in Elizabethan times. Today the hall is a natural history
and industrial museum, open to the public throughout the year. The
grounds are particularly beautiful and they are also home to a herd of

The purpose of this assignment is to locate and investigate evidence,
which will help to prove both, why and when wollaton hall was first
constructed. Certain sources located will be backed up by evidence
gathered and researched in this subject. With knowledge about the
middle ages and the renaissance, it is possible to form accurate
conclusions about wollaton hall's owner; it's grounds and contents. As
a part of this assignment a helpful site visit to the hall was
undertaken. The purpose of the site visit was to collect and note much
needed primary evidence, which would help in certain aspects of this
assignment. From various sources, we know that wollaton hall was first
started in 1580 and completed in 1588. We know that Wollaton hall is a
typical Elizabethan house because the hall was constructed (1580 -
1588) in the renaissance period.

Source G replicates and translates the exact Latin words that are
located on the south frontage of the hall, on a stone plaque.

This inscription in Latin can be located on the south frontage of
Wollaton hall.

"En has Francisci Willughbi militis aedes

Rara arte extrucas Willughbaeisq [ue] relictas.

Inchoatae 1580 et finitae 1588."

Translated into English.

"Behold this house of Francis Willoughby, knight,

with rare art built, to Willoughbys bequeathed.

Begun 1580 and finished 1588."

Even if the stone plaque didn't exist, it would be still possible to
accurately estimate when Wollaton hall was built. The general style
and appearance of the hall suggests that it is a building constructed
during the renaissance, and not a building constructed in the Middle
Ages. The features included on other Elizabethan houses around England
that Wollaton hall includes are features such as, Dutch gables and
strap work designs. The English renaissance features incorporated in
Wollaton hall are features such as Transom and Mullion windows. Small
panes of glass connected with each other by lead strips to give an
affect of a large window. Wollaton hall was built in the height of the
English Renaissance. At the same time great houses like Longleat
house, 1550 - 1580, Hardwick hall 1591 - 1597 and...

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