When To Start School In North Dakota, August Or September?

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Many adolescents that live in North Dakota know the feeling of having to sit in school in August, when the weather is perfect for days on the lake or other activities. A majority of them are asking why they have to be in school during this time, when states such as Minnesota are still on break until September. To fix this inconvenience along with other frustrations would be to start the school year after Labor Day in September. To fix the predicament first people should know why starting school early is a problem, then have a clear solution to this problem, and finally know why other solutions that have been offered to compensate are not as favorable.
First of all, many people don’t find starting school in August a problem. However, there are many disadvantages not only for families’, but for businesses as well. According to Julie Fedorchak in an August 2009 article in the Bismarck Tribune, “Hotels and other attractions suffer as well because once school starts both employees and in-state visitors dry up. Big attractions like Medora struggle to find staff for the last few weeks of their season because students leave for school in mid-August”. Another burden of starting school that early is the weather itself. Many people give the excuse that people should want to start school in August and get out in May because August is when it starts to become cold, and May is when it is warm and sunny. In the past couple years this has proven to be untrue. Records of past weather conditions on www.wunderground.com show that the temperatures in mid-August between the years 2007-2009 average to about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperatures in late May from the years 2007-2009 is about 57 degrees Fahrenheit, proving the theory that May is warmer than August is untrue. Also, since the temperature in August typically is pretty high, that means the school has to pay for air conditioning for a longer period of time. Another disadvantage of starting early is because of students trying to get used to the school schedule. Between the date when school starts and Labor day there is only about one week of school which means students have to get used to getting up early, but then are given a three day weekend which tends to make them go back to their summer schedule. This indicates that the first week of school is not a constructive way to get kids back on schedule.
Starting school at the beginning of September is a great...

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