Once Upon A Times: Art Of The Himalayan Region

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Art was largely used to express traditions in the Himalayan region. The use of paintings was vital in reflecting a great deal of narratives as indicated by exhibit ‘Once Upon Many Times’ literary works. Works of art, especially paintings, can also be used to analyze and comprehensively describe a picture of the lifestyle of a people from different times in history from their social organizations, economic life and religious views and practices. Thus, this analytical research paper attempts to compare two works of art of Shantarakshita and scenes of his life in Tibet on cloth from Rubin Museum and Drowa Sangmo picture of the elephant on the facets of color, shape, form, cultural, and historical dimensions as an exemplification of different time and space elements . These two works of art have been derived from the Himalayan region.

Shantarakshita And Scenes Of His Life In Tibet Tibet; Pigments On Cloth; 19Th Century; 35 X 24 represents the Indian monk in his holly monastery. In this painting, the artist has extensively used different colors to differentiate the different items in the painting especially the background and types of housing during this era. The golden temple on the left upper part of the picture signifies mileage in religious orientation and humility as everyone is in the prayer mood judging by their sitting positions. This picture is typical in the sense that the artist painted different people occupying different tables to represent the different levels of holiness in the society. Besides, the use of different colors represents nature, mood, and unity. For instance, green color represents vegetation and nature, while orange color represents the religious robes of the traditional people united by same religious beliefs though at different levels. A close analysis of the house paintings in the above work of art indicates that the people constructed houses with perfect corners using traditional materials such as rafters and red clay. The artist used this painting to interpret level of holiness in the society. For instance, the people are seated in a semi-circle with the monk teaching them religious antics. The intensive use of different color presents the state of holiness as dependent on nature and beliefs expected of the people.

The artist uses variant object sizes to represent the different hierarchies of items in the painting. For example, the temple to the left hand side of the painting is the largest followed by a smaller temple at the centre. Notably, there is no temple at the right hand side of the painting. Also, the table closer to the man temple is larger as compared to that further away. Interestingly, the religious images have extra ordinary power and are larger than the ordinary worshipers. This calculated use of size in painting quantifies hierarchies of holiness in this traditional society. The size difference represents higher order of authority in religious circles occupied by the monk on powers and...

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