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When Willpower Is Not Enough Essay

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Everyone needs food to survive, but not everyone has the control to limit their intake. The brain tells people’s bodies when they need to eat, but people become pleasingly addicted and ingest more carbohydrates than their bodies need. People’s consumption of food remains one of the very first primitive acts, even as a newborn. There are many ways to be healthy such as exercising but the world still possesses the temptation of food. The media takes advantage of the addictive properties of food and tries to make commercials appeal to certain audiences, and they try advertising mostly in populated areas, such as eating facilities, to get people to buy more and therefore, eat more. The brain produces a chemical known as dopamine that gives the body a satisfying sensation correlated to addictive properties, and often the brain craves more than the body needs. Many can possess the willpower to want to be healthy, but the quote “Where there is a will there is a way” is not that simple. Several believe the answer to being healthy is to merely stop eating unhealthy foods, but this theory is controversial and misunderstood because food is an addiction.
First of all, there remains a substantial amount of evidence of the prevalence of food addiction, and there are several steps to the addiction and many ways to detect the properties, for example, people experience disturbances called cravings that they feel must be satisfied, and when trying to be healthy this is the factor that overpowers many people’s willpower and causes them to lose control. There are various amounts of evidence that people lose control over their food consumption, suffer from repeated attempts to reduce their intake, and are unable to abstain from certain types of food or reduce consumption. The large consumption of food is closely related to reward centers in the brain that create powerful incentives for overeating, and the food industry uses this addiction to progress their marketing business by using slogans such as, “you cannot eat just one.” The physical properties of food, such as large portions and pervasive marketing, contribute to loss of control and an over consumption of calories and place people at risk for weight gain, and loss of control interconnects to a diagnosis called Binge-Eating Disorder, which is characterized by consuming more than needed until uncomfortably full, and it is triggered by eating unhealthy foods that are often rich in fat and sugar (Gearhardt, "Food Addiction”).
In addition, when people’s cravings are not satisfied they experience withdrawal as Ashley N. Gearhardt explained in her Food Addiction Review Arrticle : “Withdrawal is the development of physiological or cognitive symptoms in response to periods of abstinence or reduced consumption of substance.” Consuming large amounts of food remains one of the most common food addiction symptoms, and when rapidly stopping those large amounts of intake the human body goes into withdrawal from...

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