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When You Put Two Male Beta Fish In A Bowl

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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness symbolizes the opposing viewpoints of cultures and nations. While the european imperialist view the “savages” as uncivilized cavemen that require governance in order to bring social order to them. The colonized, viewed their occupiers as impeding on their own way of life, filled with corrupt, and contradictory to their own liberal beliefs. While many of Conrad’s assumptions on the natives culture is false, their interaction with the conquering europeans and the portrayal of the europeans was generally accurate. The Heart of Darkness represents all humanity because whether or not humans are industrialized, or still following the same barbarous beliefs, ...view middle of the document...

Nationalism gave europeans the ambition for the resources of the world, and industrialization gave them the tools necessary to accomplish the task.
After reading Heart of Darkness, the reader questions whether Conrad believes the darkness is the colonizers with their greed and pretentious attitude, or the colonized and their strange, immoral ways. That is exactly what Conrad wants the reader to contemplate. He wants anyone attempting to decipher the novel, to question the whether the europeans were justified in subduing foreign peoples that they saw lesser. Many europeans believed that by bringing their civil culture, beliefs, and way of governing they were doing a great favor to the “savages”. This would be believable if they were not filled with the corruption that follows the civilized men. Not only did they rob Africans of their resources and through enslavement, but they more importantly did not treat them as civilized people. This not only causes suffering for Africans then, but also brought about a non-industrialized, third world, dependent on foreign aid, Africa as seen in the world today. The europeans also contradict themselves when that the company “will not be free from unfair competition till one of these fellows is hanged for an example”(47). Likewise the Africans also display both figurative and literal darkness. Firstly, like the europeans in the...

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